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A widely used adjective referring to an appearance, morphology or pattern characterised by multiple, similarly-sized rounded densities that project from a single linear surface when the image is 2-D or that rise above a flattened plane when viewed in 3-D, a pattern which has been likened to pre-infernal combustion engine roads paved with ‘cobbled’ stones
Dermatology A term which referred to a common complication of pre-1990 hair replacement surgery—now of historic interest—in which the grafts are bumpy, and do not flatten with time; it is more common in patients with a tendency to form hypertrophic scars. See Hair replacement
Gastroenterology A characteristic radiologic and gross appearance of the intestinal mucosa in Crohn’s disease, due to submucosal involvement; to the endoscopist, cobblestoning refers to the uniform nodules—due to the submucosal edema—while the pathologist refers to severe ulcerative disease with crisscrossing of the ulcers through inflamed but intact mucosa; intestinal ‘cobblestoning’ may also occur in ulcerative colitis—where ulcers alternate with regenerating mucosa, ischaemic colitis, lymphoid hyperplasia of CVID, amyloidosis, mucoviscidosis, pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis, multiple lymphangiomas, and polyposis coli; in the intestine, the mucosal rugosities may correspond to polyps, or be filled with air, lymphoid tissue or amyloid
(1) A term referring to a rare roughened appearance seen by colposcopy of a uterine cervix with Neisseria gonorrhoeae
(2) A finding by hysterosalpingography characterised by rounded filling defects due to intraluminal adhesions
Imaging A term referring to a bumpiness of the greater curvature of the stomach, a finding typical of chronic hypertrophic gastritis
Oral disease A term referring to multiple, closely-set intraoral papilloma-like fibromas that impart a pebbly tactile sensation in Cowden’s premalignant multiple hamartoma syndrome
Ophthalmology Multiple sharply demarcated non-elevated lesions with prominent choroidal vessels, located between the ora serrata and equator, seen in peripheral chorioretinal atrophy, common in ageing, seen in one-fourth of all autopsies, one-third of which are bilateral; aka paving stone degeneration, senile halo
Soft tissue pathology Multiple ‘hobnail’ projections of malignant endothelial cells into the vascular lumina seen in angiosarcoma, a pattern mimicked by Kaposi sarcoma and spindle cell hemangioendothelioma
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Cobble Close has been featured in TV commercials, many fashion magazines including Vogue, and a feature-length movie.
Artefacts including antler picks and hammers, twisted hazel (withy) ropes and handles for hafted stone tools, basket fragments, mine timber (stemples and cut fire wood), several well preserved wooden launders made of oak and alder used for drainage, and perhaps also for ore washing (split and hollowed out logs up to 5m long with the marks of metal tools), and upwards of a thousand cobble stone tools have been recovered from these workings.
According to a police report, Cobble performed CPR on his friend to try and keep him alive.
President of the Cobble Hill Association Roy Sloane is afraid that the scheme "sets a dangerous precedent" but he is satisfied with the revision of plans.
In a separate announcement, Ian Laven who is General Manager of AMTRI Cobble has now been appointed a director of the company.
This cross-class alliance resembled earlier coalitions of middle-class "social feminists" and working-class trade unionists of the pre-World War I era--for example, the Women's Trade Union League--and Cobble suggests that her labour feminists were inspired by this earlier generation of women of the Women's Trade Union League era, though these connections are not explored at great length.
This is very important, so that no scenario has a boxed feeling and students can have different experiences," Cobble said.
Charisma" five years ago, Cobble points out, and Nader became a pop star on college campuses during the 2000 campaign.
Now Mark Wilson, a paleontologist at the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio, reports in the May 3 SCIENCE on fossil evidence from cobbles (small, flat stones) encrusted with marine invertebrates that lived 450 million years ago.
The two wells located on the 3,840-acre Cortez lease (Cobble Cuesta 1-12 and Paradise 2-12) are situated on the Cobble Cuesta structure, a 12-mile by 5-mile faulted anticline that appears to be positioned to receive oil migrated from deeper areas in the eastern part of Gabbs Valley [1].