cobalt-chromium alloy

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co·balt-chro·mi·um al·loy

(kōbawlt-krōmē-ŭm aloy)
Alloys of cobalt and chromium containing molybdenum alone or combined with tungsten plus trace elements; used in dentistry for denture bases and frameworks, and other structures.
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Cobalt-chromium alloys is just as widely used as titanium due to its extremely inert, bio-compatible and durable properties.
Knee Implants Market (Procedure Type Total Knee Replacement, Partial Knee Replacement and Revision Knee Replacement; Material Type Stainless Steel, Cobalt-chromium alloys, Titanium and titanium alloys, Polyethylene, Ceramics and Others); Market Growth, Future Prospects and Competitive Analysis, 2017-2025 the market was valued at USD 9.
They cover membranes for oxygenators and plasma filters; titanium and cobalt-chromium alloys for hips and knees; polymeric joint bearing surfaces for total joint replacement; biomaterials for pacemakers, defibrillators and neurostimulators; mechanical and bioprosthetic heart valves; small intestinal submucosa and other decellularized matrix biomaterials for tissue repair; new ceramics and composites for joint replacement surgery; biomaterials for improving the blood and tissue compatibility of total artificial hearts and ventricular assist devices; nanostructured biomaterials for artificial tissues and organs; and matrices for tissue engineering and regenerative medicines.
The 42 papers include discussions of biomimetic multiphasic calcium phosphates to enhance bone regeneration, the high-cycle fatigue evaluation of two beta-rich titanium casting alloys, understanding errors in mechanical testing results, the effects of cold work and heat treatment on the properties of nitinol wire, increasing the wettability and biocompatibility of metal implants by low-pressure plasma treatment, the electrochemical behavior of cobalt-chromium alloys, designing and developing metal-polymer film systems for flexible electrodes used in cortical mapping, and other topics.
Systemic effects of implanted prostheses made of cobalt-chromium alloys.