cobalt-chromium alloy

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co·balt-chro·mi·um al·loy

(kōbawlt-krōmē-ŭm aloy)
Alloys of cobalt and chromium containing molybdenum alone or combined with tungsten plus trace elements; used in dentistry for denture bases and frameworks, and other structures.
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The ball portion of the implant is made of cobalt-chromium alloys or ceramic materials such as aluminum oxide or zirconium oxide.
Most hip and knee implants are made partially of cobalt-chromium alloys (see "Critical Components of Total Hip and Knee Replacements," above), while stainless steel remains the material of choice for surgical instruments because it is strong, durable and able to withstand harsh sterilization procedures.
The session on cobalt-chromium alloys will illustrate how production technologies impact microstructure and properties.
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