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cobalt-60 (60Co)

a radioactive isotope of the element cobalt with a mass of 60 and a half-life of 5.2 years. 60Co emits high-energy gamma rays and is the most frequently used radioisotope in radiotherapy. It must be stored in a position well shielded by lead or uranium.


A radioactive isotope of cobalt, having a half-life of 5.27 years. It formerly served as a source of beta and gamma rays in radiation units used to treat malignancies. Modern radiation units have replaced cobalt-60 by higher-energy sources, e.g., linear accelerators.


a chemical element, atomic number 27, atomic weight 58.933, symbol Co. A component of vitamin B12. See Table 6.

a radioisotope of cobalt having a half-life of 270 days; used as a label for cyanocobalamin. Symbol 57Co.
a radioisotope of cobalt having a half-life of 5.27 years and a principal gamma ray energy of 1.33 MeV; used as a radiation therapy source. Symbol 60Co.
cobalt nutritional deficiency
causes anorexia and poor weight gain. Identification of the disease is based on chemical analysis of pasture and soil and biochemical analysis of animal tissues and fluids. Called also enzootic marasmus, Grand Traverse disease and other regional names.
cobalt poisoning
accidental overdosing with cobalt causes listlessness, weight loss and incoordination.
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The last chapter analyses cobalt-60 downstream markets.
Luan, senior scientist and manager of radiation protection, Nuclear Science and Technology Association (NuSTA); consultant to NBC Society; former manager, Radioactive Waste Management Plant; and manager, Cobalt-60 Irradiation Plant of INER, AEC;
Key words: cobalt-60, radiation, tolerance, ingluvies, skin, avian, psittacine, birds, ring-necked parakeets, Psittacula krameri
Typical Radioactivity Amounts Practice Typical Radioisotopes (Curies) Radioisotope thermoelectric generators Strontium-90 20,000 Plutonium-238 280 Sterilization & food irradiators Cobalt-60 4,000,000 Cesium-137 3,000,000 Self-contained & blood irradiators Cobalt-60 2,400-25,000 Cesium-137 7,000-15,000 Single-beam teletherapy Cobalt-60 4,000 Cesium-137 500 Multibeam teletherapy Cobalt-60 7,000 Industrial radiography Cobalt-60 60 Iridium-192 100 Calibration Cobalt-60 20 Cesium-137 60 Americium-241 10 High and medium dose rate brachytherapy Cobalt-60 10 Cesium-137 3 Iridium-192 6 Well logging Cesium-137 2 Americium-241/beryllium 20 Californium-252 0.
Cuba relies for oncology services on nine radiotherapy facilities throughout the nation, 11 cobalt-60 machines and a linear accelerator for the external treatment of tumors.
Electricity can generate electron beams and x-rays, and radioactive materials (such as cobalt-60 or, less frequently, cesium-137) are used to produce gamma rays.
In patients with positive margins, postoperative external-beam radiation was delivered from a cobalt-60 source, but it did not improve survival.
facility and discovered deficiencies in the containers used to ship one of its irradiators that uses cobalt-60.
The activity consisted of visiting the two main labs, cobalt-60 and nuclear medicine.
The nuclear accidents of the past few years, such as the critical accident at the nuclear facility in Japan and the radiological accident involving the spent cobalt-60 source in Thailand, should never occur again,'' said a joint communique issued by the forum the same day.
Samples of quartz, microcline, and albite in five silt-size ranges were annealed at 250[degrees]C and then dosed with 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32 mrads of radiation from a Cobalt-60 source (total samples).
Workers in the cargo depot at Luton airport in Bedfordshire had no idea how to deal with a load containing radioactive cobalt-60.