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Heparin-COAted Stents in Small Coronary Arteries Trial. A trial assessing the safety and efficacy of heparin stent implantation in small coronary arteries
Primary endpoints Major acute coronary events or event-free survival at 6 months
Conclusion Heparin-coated stents are no different than non-coated stents or PTCA in terms of restenosis
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Now, the citizens of Coastland change their spending habits on imports from a fixed amount of 400 to Imports = 250 + 0.
Last Thursday the centre at the Coastlands Family Church, on Barry's Colcot estate, saw more than 35 people queuing at the door.
In 2011, Its first ever Satellite Adoption Center opened at Coastland Center Mall.
The Coastland map, drawn up by scientists at Durham University, shows sinking is less than previously estimated in some places and higher in others.
The potatoes are grown on 420 acres of National Trust coastland at Trehill Farm, Pembrokeshire, which is managed for the Trust by tenant farmers Peter and Gina Smithies.
LEGISLATION may have opened up vast areas of heath and coastland - but in Coventry and Warwickshire only enough "new" public pathway to cover the size of two football pitches appears on the latest Ordnance Survey map.
Rev Martin Trench, 36, delivers fire and brimstone sermons for his Coastland Christian Fellowship Church at Craigpark School in Ayr.
THE unspoilt coastland in south west Cork makes it an ideal place for long distance walking.
For us living in the villages in the northeastern coastland of Guyana, the Berbice was almost generic in stature and an integral part of the triumvirate of mighty coastal rivers in the region (the Demerara and the Essequibo being the other two).
The most recent pictures are from Somalia, a barren stretch of East African coastland that juts into the Indian Ocean.
The 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill harmed miles of coastland, created fiscal damage to the local fishing industry, destroyed crops, and put people's health in jeopardy.
The output of Tulu oral tradition is really stunning and the PaDdanas (folk narratives) found in Tulunadu - comprising the southern coastland of Karnataka and northern part of Kerala - could be ranked among the best folk epics of the world, he added.