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Heparin-COAted Stents in Small Coronary Arteries Trial. A trial assessing the safety and efficacy of heparin stent implantation in small coronary arteries
Primary endpoints Major acute coronary events or event-free survival at 6 months
Conclusion Heparin-coated stents are no different than non-coated stents or PTCA in terms of restenosis
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The crew mustered and the inshore lifeboat was taken on the beach to assist the coastguards with the recovery.
The new national Coastguard network will be able to oversee and assist with operations around the whole of the UK.
The Interior Minister reviewed the efforts undertaken by the Coastguard, training operations they have received and the training requirements they still need, valuing the EU firm support to Yemen, and its assistances to the security services in the country.
The Aberdaron coastguard team managed to reach him to get a life jacket on him before the lifeboat reached him.
Speaking after the incident, Nigel Robson, Portland Coastguard Watch manager, said: "We have searched the route of the ship and the areas where our search planning expertise indicate a person might have been carried by the tide.
Liverpool Coastguard watch manager Su Daintith said: "Just two minutes spent checking the tide times could mean the difference between a carefree day and a Coastguard team coming to your rescue.
Coastguard Rescue Teams from Whitby and Robin Hood's Bay were mobilised to help police and Scarborough Mountain Rescue Team.
The Yemeni Coastguard forces saved a Japanese oil tanker this past April after Somali pirates targeted it with an RPG shell.
ANGRY coastguards last night launched a 48-hour strike over a long-running pay dispute on one of the busiest holidays of the year.
In the report about the renovation of the former Coastguard station at Nell's Point on Barry Island Mr Smith said: 'The nearest official Coastguard service is based in Swansea.
Other fishing vessels in the vicinity were assisting the operation, the Coastguard said.
MILLIONS of children need to "wise up" about seaside safety to avoid tragic accidents, coastguard officials warned today.