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coalescing (kōəles´ing),

n a joining or fusing of parts.
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Another feature of the finding suggests coalescing neutron stars.
In an attempt to offer an economical yet environmentally responsible alternative, we have developed a novel oil separating, coalescing, air refining system that actually monitors and reports itself to regulatory and enforcement agencies," said Gil Mains Jr, CEO and developer of the OSCAR System.
a coalescing primary filter on gas applications, which
In the infant universe, marauding galaxies devoured each other, coalescing to form bigger galaxies.
5 contains numerous enhancements including: expanded user authentication options using RADIUS or LDAP, flexible traffic shaping, network bridging, support for dynamic DNS, IPSec VPN encryption support for 192 and 256 bit AES, and intelligent log message coalescing.
That exclusivity helps prevent electrons, protons, and neutrons, which are all fermions, from coalescing.
The system works by capturing, separating and coalescing oil particulates from the emissions and returning the oil to the crankcase with filtered gases vented to the atmosphere.
In computer simulations, Frenk and his colleagues traced the evolution of galaxies that would form from ordinary gas coalescing around concentrations of cold dark matter.
The organization is comprised of a diverse panel of professionals who will serve as the coalescing force between the academic, business, research and governmental sectors in order to accelerate the growth of the Florida Gulf Coast region's life sciences industry.
Under the right conditions, ice and dust in these doughnut-shaped objects collide and clump together, coalescing into new worlds.
As Information Architect, William will drive YottaYotta's integration of breakthrough storage and network functionality with critical business processes that require the coalescing of storage and communications.
com has adopted a "clicks-and-mortar" approach, coalescing four diverse, yet complimentary, wholly owned subsidiaries: FocVs Technologies (Application Service Provisioning), A.