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coalescing (kōəles´ing),

n a joining or fusing of parts.
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Figure 3 shows the case where (a) a coalescing aid (in black) is highly water soluble and, therefore, quite ineffective due to decreased interaction with hydrophobic latex species, (b) a coalescing aid is very latex soluble but has very low water solubility, and (c) where the coalescing aid is surfactant miscible and stable at the boundaries of the latex particles.
Another feature of the finding suggests coalescing neutron stars.
In an attempt to offer an economical yet environmentally responsible alternative, we have developed a novel oil separating, coalescing, air refining system that actually monitors and reports itself to regulatory and enforcement agencies," said Gil Mains Jr, CEO and developer of the OSCAR System.
The mammoth merger supports the idea that the overall structure in the universe emerged from the bottom up, with smaller objects gravitationally coalescing to make bigger ones, notes Henry.
Subject to the successes of our fund raising efforts, which are currently on-going, we plan to complete the first fully-equipped production model of the EnviroMax Ultimate Pollution Prevention System and begin certification trials for the Company's shipboard filtration system, the Oil Separating Coalescing Air Refining System or OSCAR in early 2005.
Dark energy would also require clumps of matter to begin coalescing into galaxies earlier in the history of the universe, also increasing the chances for lensing to occur.
Accelerators, Adhesion Promoters, Antioxidants, Antiskinning agents, Fungicides, Coalescing agents, Diluents, Defoamer, Dispersants, Driers, Emulsifier, Fire retardants, Flow control agents, Gloss aids, Leveling agents, Marproofing agents, Pigments, Polymers, Resins, Slip agents, Thickeners, UV stabilizers, Viscosity control agents, Wetting agents, and many more
According to the standard cold-dark-matter model, the smallest galaxies were the first to form, coalescing at a time when the expanding universe was younger and denser than it was when gravity later pulled together the more massive objects.
a coalescing primary filter on gas applications, which
In the infant universe, marauding galaxies devoured each other, coalescing to form bigger galaxies.
5 contains numerous enhancements including: expanded user authentication options using RADIUS or LDAP, flexible traffic shaping, network bridging, support for dynamic DNS, IPSec VPN encryption support for 192 and 256 bit AES, and intelligent log message coalescing.
That exclusivity helps prevent electrons, protons, and neutrons, which are all fermions, from coalescing.