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At Vane Tempest Colliery, Seaham, the film follows the miners in the lamp room and descending in the cage to the coal face.
Because of this neither UK Coal or the subsidiary firm at Daw Mill were in a position to dictate to BBB over who should be involved in the new coal face," she said.
From this I am of the opinion that the main beneficiaries of the Turner judgment are not the persons who have suffered through having worked in the dust-laden atmosphere of the coal face but the legal eagles in their comfortable offices.
Having invested over pounds 50million in Daw Mill, UK Coal said the coal face switch would secure a further two years of continuous production, with a new face currently being prepared for 2007.
Company spokesman Stuart Oliver said: "We have made it clear in our professional view that equipment on that coal face is unsafe to use.
UK Coal said water had penetrated the coal face at Ellington colliery in Northumberland, the last pit in the North East, forcing an end to production.
The source of the water is about 200 to 250 feet from the existing coal face but it is feared it could contain up to 100 million gallons and is being replenished from another site.
His comments come from the coal face and should be listened to.
Tenders are invited for Transportation Of 100000 Mt Coal Under Sor 15-17 From Coal Face Of Amalgamated Block Ii Ocp To Kessurgarh Siding Through Kessurgarh Siding Feeder Breaker By Mechanical Means Including Allied Jobs At Block Ii Area Of Bccl
The first weekend was Saturday and yesterday and included a drama performance of Chaos on the Coal Face by schoolchildren.
GETTING DIRTY: MP Mike O'Brien returns to the surface with colliery manager David Vint after checking out how government money had helped buy new equipment which will safeguard jobs - and (inset) Mike at the coal face
He was at the pit, near Ashington, today when almost a full shift of miners arrived and sought a meeting with local managers to offer to go underground and continue pumping water from the flooded coal face.