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a surgical device that utilizes electrical current or light to stop bleeding.
argon beam coagulator (ABC) a device consisting of an electrode recessed inside a probe through which argon gas is passed; the energy from the electrode is carried by the jet of argon, which is directed at bleeding tissue to effect hemostasis.


/co·ag·u·la·tor/ (ko-ag´u-la″ter) a surgical device that utilizes electrical current or light to stop bleeding.
argon beam coagulator  (ABC) a device that uses a jet of argon gas carrying electrical energy from a needle electrode recessed inside a probe to effect hemostasis in bleeding tissue.


1. A surgical device that utilizes electrical current, light energy, ultrasound, etc., to stop bleeding.
2. A pharmacological substance used to induce hemostasis or solidification of proteinaceous fluids.

argon beam coagulator

, argon plasma coagulator
A surgical instrument that uses radiofrequency current in an adjustable jet of argon gas to distribute heat that cuts or coagulates tissue. The jet disperses blood and debris from the targeted tissue. It is often employed during endoscopic procedures.


The patient must be grounded when using this electrosurgical device.

infrared coagulator

A surgical instrument that focuses infrared light energy to cut or damage tissues or to stop bleeding. The device has been used in skin surgery, hair transplantation, ablation of abnormal cardiac conduction pathways, and treatment of internal hemorrhoids, among other applications.

microwave coagulator

A surgical instrument that focuses microwave energy through an antenna to cut or cauterize tissue. The device can be used in open or laparoscopic surgeries.
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