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curdled; changed to a clotted state.


Condition whereby blood is transformed from a liquid into a semisolid mass.
Synonym(s): clotted.


(kō-ăg′ū-lāt) [L. coagulare, to congeal]
To solidify; to change from a fluid state to a semisolid mass.
coagulated (kō-ăg′ū-lāt-ĕd), adjective
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Talc renders the coagulated latex and starch binders less sticky, increases the ash content, and lowers costs.
The coagulated particulates thus tend to be returned to the ducts.
Styrene butadiene rubbers are produced by a technology of cold emulsion copolymerization and coagulated by a system of acid and synthetic coagulant, and are stabilized by staining or non-staining antioxidants.
Hokusai, 2004, a diptych, joins one panel--in which twenty imperfect, not-quite-primary-colored rectangles beckon like doorways, while a single black rectangle takes on the resonance of a black hole--with another panel of overlapping, lyrical wave shapes, the swells piled one upon the next in coagulated motion.
This optical effect was higher than for conventional ground calcium carbonate, but lower than for commercial coagulated scalenohedral particles with a large surface area.
1) In light of the large number and irregular course of the varicose vessels and their lateral positions, they were not removed with a vascular knife; instead they were gently retracted even farther away from the vocal ligament and coagulated superficially with a C[O.
It was last month during a home game when Ron Harper plopped himself down in a courtside seat in disgust after the triangle offense had coagulated into a tetrahedron.
The firm currently produces three families of Fluon PTFE, including granular, coagulated dispersions and aqueous dispersions, each in a number of grades to accommodate an ever-growing range of end-use products, according to the company.