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curdled; changed to a clotted state.


Condition whereby blood is transformed from a liquid into a semisolid mass.
Synonym(s): clotted.


(kō-ăg′ū-lāt) [L. coagulare, to congeal]
To solidify; to change from a fluid state to a semisolid mass.
coagulated (kō-ăg′ū-lāt-ĕd), adjective
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5) Tannin samples' pH values were in an interval where NR latices should have normally been coagulated, which was not observed.
6) Zeta potential measurements of tannin samples fell into a range where they should be coagulated, but they were fluid.
1) In light of the large number and irregular course of the varicose vessels and their lateral positions, they were not removed with a vascular knife; instead they were gently retracted even farther away from the vocal ligament and coagulated superficially with a C[O.
It was last month during a home game when Ron Harper plopped himself down in a courtside seat in disgust after the triangle offense had coagulated into a tetrahedron.
APC can be successfully utilized for the treatment of many clinical symptoms in ENT, allowing tissues to be safely and selectively coagulated or devitalized.
For free-mix samples, we added base polymer, coagulated from the same latex used to make the wet masterbatch, black, zinc oxide, silica and mercaptosilane at zero minutes, lowered the ram, added all remaining ingredients but curatives at 132 [degrees] C, and dumped the mix at 149 [degrees] C.
Before refrigeration, milk could be kept longer by turning it into a tart, slightly acidic, coagulated pudding.
With proven, single pass equipment which has an extremely small footprint RAS is very applicable for the drying of coagulated blood, ground bone slurry, offal and DAF sludge.
Likewise, while small, unattractive veins beneath the skin, such as spider veins, can be coagulated by transmitting laser energy through the skin, larger veins, such as varicose veins, even with surface cooling, cannot be effectively coagulated by delivering laser energy through the skin without permanent damage or discoloration.
The coagulated tissue sloughs off, and the ability to urinate returns to normal over a period of a few weeks.