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Plural of coagulum.


Plural of coagulum.


(kō-ăg′ū-lŭm) plural.coagula [L. coagulatio, clotting]
A coagulated mass, clot, or precipitate.
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conturarea tot mai evidenta a unui raport de convergenta, de sustinere reciproca a consumurilor de tutun, alcool si droguri, care par a se coagula, la varsta superioara a adolescentei, intr-o triada relativ unitara;
Los amortiguadores de yema de huevo anteriormente presentaban desventajas para conservar el semen del macho cabrío, debido a una secreción de las glándulas de Cowper, cuya enzima coagula la yema de huevo.
JURY Matt Gleason, COAGULA Art Journal MEMBERS: Jim Heimann, Editor in Charge, TASCHEN - World of Pop Culture David Perry, Shiny Entertainment Celia Pearce, Game Culture & Technology Lab, Cal-(IT)2, University of California, Irvine Jason Rubin, Co-Founder, Naughty Dog Billy Shire, La Luz de Jesus Gallery ABOUT E3EXPO: E3Expo is the world's premier trade show for computer and video games and related products.
The natural rubber processing factories obtain the raw material collected from trees either in large plantations or from smaller independent holdings, in one of two forms, field coagula or field latex (figure 4).
The right tonsil was excised, thin purulent material was drained, and coagula, thrombotic vessels, and necrotic tissue were removed from the parapharyngeal space through the tonsillar bed.