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To provide suggestions, feedback, direction, training, and redirection to another person or to a group or team to improve the ability to perform a task well.
2. One who provides such suggestions, feedback, direction, or training.

health coach

One who educates, encourages, and motivates another to achieve improved fitness or wellness.
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Why do so many coaches let their egos push them beyond the self-confidence stage?
The assistant coaches, whose contracts pay them about $100,000 per year - with coordinators Kelly Skipper and Phil Snow earning $126,000 and $151,000 respectively - have contracts that run through June 30.
Elite coaches share their insight into X's and O's, training programs, game-day strategies, and motivational techniques on the court and in the classroom.
The ICF, founded in 1992, has more than 5,000 members and estimates that more than 10,000 people work as life coaches either part- or full-time.
As a seasoned veteran of coaching high school basketball, Al Rhodes has made a name for himself as one of the most formidable coaches in Indiana.
Also serving on the Board in 2006: Larry Kehres, Mount Union College; Rob Ash, Drake University; Chuck Amato, North Carolina State University; Lloyd Carr, University of Michigan; Mike Bellotti, University of Oregon; Tim Murphy, Harvard University; Joe Glenn, University of Wyoming; Joe Novak, Northern Illinois University; Tommy Tuberville, Auburn University; Rich Rodriguez, West Virginia University and Rob Ianello, University of Notre Dame, ex officio member and chairman of the Assistant Coaches Committee.
Department of Education, the average base salary for full-time coaches at UCLA is $73,590 for men's sports and $60,266 for women's sports.
Brand will tackle subjects at the forefront of college sports including the hiring of minority coaches, pro coaches entering the college ranks, and student-athlete eligibility.
I don't see coaches still adhering to the old-line policy of 'tough it out,' '' said Washington coach Rick Neuheisel, the former UCLA and San Diego Chargers quarterback.

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