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To provide suggestions, feedback, direction, training, and redirection to another person or to a group or team to improve the ability to perform a task well.
2. One who provides such suggestions, feedback, direction, or training.

health coach

One who educates, encourages, and motivates another to achieve improved fitness or wellness.
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See also Moody and Coacher, supra note 1, at 182 (noting that impeachment by contradiction is often misunderstood, misused, or not used at all).
Je vais coacher l'equipe jusqu'au match retour des 1/8e de finale de la champions league face a Coton Sport.
Commentant cette decision, la fille d'El Kseur a estime qu'elle est apte a coacher les seniors, mais qu'elle a opte pour les juniors afin d'acquerir de l'experience.
Mahmoud Abul, the project manager, told KUNA that it aims at building modern stadiums and fields, equipped with state-of-art facilities, competent managers and coachers.
Scheduled to start on April 25-26, the tournament will bring together budding talents representing different clubs under the supervision of coachers from the prominent British team - Manchester United.
This subject caused to the teachers & coachers tried to update their data & participated in the virtual schools, health & sport education & the education department supported them & the IT must classify the information based on physical-education in school, to increasing the findings & then increase the benefits (A.
A female commuter said: "The coachers already have less number of women's seats but unfortunately occupied by male passengers".

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