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1. Any of the scales or magnitudes that serve to define the position of a point.
2. To perform the act of coordination.
[see coordination]
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They are also co-ordinating with the foreign ministries of both countries and Malaysian Embassy in Bahrain.
And as finding the perfect hat to match an outfit can be time consuming and costly, any brand which offers co-ordinating hats is on to a sure- fire winner.
You can even impress the guests with your co-ordinating crockery.
The national co-ordinating body would be the central co-ordinating office for all activities regarding energy efficiency, according to the government-sponsored bill.
Three citizens from each governorate will also be members of each co-ordinating council.
The Investment Dar and the co-ordinating committee said they looked forward to working together to develop and implement a consensual restructuring plan that is fair, acceptable and legally implementable and in the best interests of all TID's stakeholders.
Helene will also be responsible for co-ordinating the pilot Middle Market project, which is helping 18 established exporters develop their business overseas.
the creation of a new co-ordinating body to "enhance co-ordination within the sector" along with providing a "common voice when advocating for the overall sector"; and greater, long term investment in a number of areas, including more second-stage beds for women leaving emergency shelters.
The Geneva-based ACT co-ordinating office has sent out an initial grant of $50,000 US from its Rapid Response Fund.
Stoke-based charity Minorities of Europe (MoE) is co-ordinating the drive to hit the target by next March.
With five years experience in the South Wales property market, he joins LSH from Alder King where he has recently been involved in the marketing of the Cardiff Gate Business Park, Alexandra Trading Estate and has been responsible for co-ordinating the marketing of surplus stock for BT across South Wales.
It will be good to have one person co-ordinating the schemes and to be able to have an overall view.