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1. Any of the scales or magnitudes that serve to define the position of a point.
2. To perform the act of coordination.
[see coordination]
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Co-Ordinated Surveys director, Bryan Edwards with laser measurement entrepreneur, Steve Ball, of business development and investment consultancy Caenby Ltd
In return, single currency countries "will take determined and co-ordinated action, if needed, to safeguard financial stability in the euro area as a whole," said the summit.
RCA chief executive Stephen Atkin added: "Our board has been pushing for some time for a co-ordinated approach and we suggested to the BHA that racing should strive for a stronger profile on the political front.
POLICE YESTERDAY discovered a number of guns and detonators as well as a bomb during a co-ordinated search operation across the Limassol district, as part of investigations into the murder of 67-year-old Michalakis Kakathymis last month.
Summary: Drake & Scull International (DSI) PJSC (under incorporation), an end-to-end service provider of mechanical, electrical and plumbing ("MEP") contracting, Industrial, Water & Power (IWP) and civil contracting, participated in the recent Clean-Up-UAE initiative, with 40 of its staff volunteering for the co-ordinated clean-up effort.
I hope those spirits will remain open to such a co-ordinated approach.
The co-ordinated move by worldwide banks to cut interest rates yesterday is almost unprecedented.
In Baghdad, three suicide bombers targeted thousands of Shi'ite walking through the city on a pilgrimage to a shrine in the Kadhamiya neighbourhood in what appeared to be co-ordinated attacks.
HIGH-SPEED trains were sabotaged across the French network in what officials called a co-ordinated campaign in support of the week-long transport strike.
18 and 25, the feasts of Saints Peter and Paul) is co-ordinated by a joint committee of the World Council of Churches and the Pontifical Commission for the Promotion of Christian Unity.
In addition to collecting data on child abuse and its costs, the type of organizations and data Collected need to be both expanded and better co-ordinated between agencies and government departments, including increased consistency in recording cases of child abuse by hospitals, welfare agencies, police and schools.
Meanwhile, adopting an own-initiative report by Christa Randzio-Plath (PES, Germany) on February 26 on broad economic policy guidelines, Parliament has invited the Member States and the acceding countries to undertake a co-ordinated strategy on structural reform, consistent with the Lisbon Agenda.