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1. Any of the scales or magnitudes that serve to define the position of a point.
2. To perform the act of coordination.
[see coordination]
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X,Y,Z- cartesian co-ordinates (rotated XOYZ-frame);
They cost the whole package for you and, if you order, co-ordinate the whole process of getting it set up in your home.
Disclaimer : The deadline mentioned in the tender is an estimated submission date, kindly refer the document for exact date or co-ordinate with the publishing authority for the exact submission date.
The Interior Ministry was yesterday assigned to co-ordinate with other relevant ministries and submit strict regulations to ensure government allowances are not used to fund terror activities.
Without learning the basics of how to balance and reach and co-ordinate, all their sporting techniques may well be flawed," he said.
When the Reynolds equation is integrated twice along the axial co-ordinate z under boundary conditions, the pressure distribution has the form:
Atypical watch assistant has to go through a 12-month probation period before they are qualified to co-ordinate a rescue.
Unison said it would co-ordinate a national campaign against low pay in the NHS and local government, raising the prospect of a strike by millions of workers in the autumn.
The 24-year-old former President Kennedy School pupil will co-ordinate and promote the conference and events programme at all three centres.
Gagnon has also been working with myriad community groups, schools and business organizations to co-ordinate what festivities they are organizing on their own, such as the Elliot Lake Secondary School 50th year reunion.
To co-ordinate the transportation and distribution of medicine, CFTC is working in Canada and Haiti with International Child Care, one of its three local partners in the Port-au-Prince area.
Emma, 33, from Staindrop, County Durham, will co-ordinate and oversee all of the Copthorne Hotel's people policies and will be responsible for staff recruitment, staff relations and overseeing employees' career development.