/clu·nis/ (kloo´nis) pl. clu´nes   [L.] buttock.clu´neal


pl. clunes [L.] buttock.

Patient discussion about clunis

Q. I get shooting pains in my buttocks and both upper legs

A. Sounds like radicular pain (pain originating from injury to the roots of the nerves in the spinal column). Is it aggravated by coughing, straining, standing or sitting? Is it relieved by lying down.

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Given this, researchers have argued that essentialized meanings of Blackness and discourses on race in general are being challenged and transformed (Alfred, 2010; Benson, 2006; Brooks & Clunis, 2007; Kretsedemas, 2008; Warner, 2012).
Midfielders Ellis Green and Nyren Clunis also chipped in on the goal front with 13 goals each for the Hamlet last season.
The public's perception of schizophrenia has been shaped by films such as Psycho and by paranoid schizophrenics such as Christopher Clunis who murdered Jonathan Zito in 1992.
The public's perception of schizophrenia has been shaped byfilms such as Psycho and by paranoid schizophrenics such as Christopher Clunis, who murdered Jonathan Zito in 1992 and Paul Khan who killed pensioner Brian Dodd in 2003.
It was established in 1994, following the publication of the report about the care and treatment of Christopher Clunis, who killed Jonathan Zito in 1992 at Finsbury Park tube station in London.
Lisa Clunis, 17, was among dozens of volunteers who hauled horse trailers to Malibu and helped residents in canyons evacuate their horses and livestock.
Rugby finally scored through Shaun Brady on 52 minutes after Bees' Iyran Clunis was sin-binned for a high tackle.
Stourbridge: Hall' Freeman, Ewens, Cook, Bressington' Robinson, Handley' Sturdy, Clunis, Tideswell, Homer, Muldowney, Fakatou, Williams, Whitcombe.
He will join back Ally Bressington and hooker Iyran Clunis on loan from Moseley and Worcester r espectively.
Jayne Zito's husband, Jonathan, was stabbed to death in 1992 by mentally-ill Christopher Clunis
Reps: Davies, Brown, Powell, Clunis, Warren, Zaltzman, Mason.
The Zito Trust was formed in 1994 after student Jonathan Zito was killed by schizophrenic Christopher Clunis in Finsbury Park,London.