club moss

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The spores of Lycopodium clavatum (family Lycopodiaceae) and other species of L.; a yellow, tasteless, and odorless powder; was used as a dusting powder and in pharmacy to prevent the agglutination of pills in a box.
[G. lykos, wolf, + pous, foot]


A homeopathic remedy formulated from Lycopodium clavatum used to treat GI complaints (e.g., bloating, constipation, nausea and vomiting), as well as chronic fatigue syndrome, flu-related fatigue, hair loss, haemorrhoids, kidney stones, nervous headaches, prostatitis, psoriasis, and increased libido accompanied by decreased performance.

club moss

any mosslike pteridophyte plant of the order Lycopodiales, having erect or creeping stems covered with small overlapping leaves. The group existed as far back as the Palaeozoic era. Lycopodium and Selaginella are present-day forms.
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McLean is also hoping to receive permission from Swedish club Moss to field their striker Kjell Olafsson.
For hundreds of years, Chinese folk doctors have known an intriguing but mysterious fact: Drinking tea brewed with a type of club moss (Huperzia serrata) can perk up people's memories.
Derived from Chinese club moss, Huperzine A is an herbal compound that has been clinically shown to enhance memory, concentration and focus.
Former club Moss will move quickly for their former star if Sturrock lets him go.
One promising compound -- huperzine A -- comes from a club moss species indigenous to China and known for centuries to Chinese herbalists, says chemist and neuroscientist Alan P.
HupA is extracted from a rare Chinese Club Moss, which grows in the pristine reaches of China.
This week Dundee United are trying to stop Kjell Olofsson from going part-time and joining his former club Moss FK.
Huperzine is a naturally occurring compound that was originally isolated from the club moss Huperzine Serrata.
Olofsson, who came from Norwegian club Moss, played in United's important wins over Hearts and Motherwell - scoring at Fir Park.

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