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1. murky; turbid; not transparent.
2. marked by indistinct streaks.

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Q. how low one can get? i mean is there a way out?? or is it all the time cloudy like that? some one who knows please answer!

A. even though it doesn't seem that way- depression is not a constant state. it's actually an curable illness. it may take a while, it may take use of medication but it's curable and you don't have to live like that. going to psychiatrist is not a shame. it's a life saving action!
go, in about 3-5 weeks you won't believe how you felt that way before.
please believe me.
your mind is lying to you right now and it'll change.

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A weak front from the north will bring cooler, cloudier weather but this will soon move away to bring a return to the warmer, more humid conditions.
Met Office forecaster Calum McColl said: "It's going to be a really good day across much of England and Wales with hardly a cloud in the sky, but a little cloudier in the far West and western fringes of Wales.
Much of the south and western half of Scotland will be much cloudier, increasing the risk of rain, sleet and snow.
Around November 6-7, it will become cloudier and some regions can expect rain.
Forecasts expect tomorrow to be cooler and cloudier with good sunny spells and it will get warm again towards the weekend.
THE relegation picture in the Blue Square Bet Premier is becoming cloudier by the day, but Gateshead could afford themselves some breathing space by beating Grimsby tonight, writes Ian Wilkerson.
Ski Sunday''s claims in the Coolmore NH Sires Handicap Hurdle are far cloudier, but he could still go well at a generous price in this two-mile-fivefurlong assignment.
In the afternoon, the weather is expected to turn cloudier with sporadic rain and thunderstorms on Wednesday night, especially in the North.
Conditions were partly cloudy in the morning and grew cloudier by afternoon and winds were moderately rough, kicking up dust in some areas.
The Met's forecast, which looks at the weather until December 15, said: "Northeasterly winds could bring wintry showers to northern and eastern areas at times "Amounts of sunshine should be above average away from northern and eastern coasts where it is likely to be cloudier.
Sunday will be a cloudier day than Saturday but with slightly higher temperatures.
Most of Britain will see sunshine today, although it will be cloudier in some northern and eastern parts, where there could be patches of drizzle.