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She did take off the papers, but no cloud of ringlets appeared, for the hair came with the papers, and the horrified hairdresser laid a row of little scorched bundles on the bureau before her victim.
At a vast distance I beheld the mountains lift their venerable brows, and penetrate the clouds.
He drew an imaginary circle on the stones of the roof, and burnt a pinch of powder in it, which sent up a small cloud of aromatic smoke, whereat everybody fell back and began to cross themselves and get un- comfortable.
A few minutes later they were seen making the first steps of the descent; then a cloud closed around them and hid them from view.
For many months I travelled with this ever-darkening cloud upon my mind.
Some two hundred feet below, a brawling upland stream stood for the moat, and for the enemy there was on the opposite side of the valley a great green company of trees, settled like a cloud slope upon slope, making all haste to cross the river and ascend the heights where I stood.
why in the East Darkness ere Dayes mid-course, and Morning light More orient in yon VVestern Cloud that draws O're the blew Firmament a radiant white, And slow descends, with somthing heav'nly fraught.
A huge black cloud passed over his head, but in vain did he beg and beseech her to let a drop of water fall on him.
Back and forth they pranced kicking up a cloud of dust and gasping for fresh air.
And beyond, over the blue hills that rise southward of the river, the glittering Martians went to and fro, calmly and methodically spreading their poison cloud over this patch of country and then over that, laying it again with their steam jets when it had served its purpose, and taking possession of the conquered country.
Hair of cloud o'er face of flower, Nodding plumes where she alights, In the white hibiscus bower She lingers through the soft spring nights -- Nights too short, though wearing late Till the mimosa days are born.
Cloud let fall slowly then strokes from its sonorous jaws.