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In fact, the most effective contraception methods do not contain estrogen and are not associated with a higher blood clot risk.
The clock starts ticking the moment a blood clot lodges in a major brain artery.
Suffering with blood clots twice as a teenager was a terrifying experience.
A blood clot of known cause, with the cause now eliminated, within the previous two years
But a blood clot in the leg is still quite serious -- they can break up into little bits that travel through a person's circulatory system and block off blood vessels in the heart or lungs.
All lower-extremity joint replacements increase the risk of blood clots in the leg.
Also 80 per cent of patients having a knee replacement subsequently suffer from blood clots," he adds.
However Dr Baglin, who is president of the British Society for Haemostasis and Thrombosis, stresses: "The risk of dying of a blood clot associated with travel is one in hundreds of thousands, if not one in a few million.
Pain, swelling, and/or warmth in the leg may signal the presence of a blood clot, while chest pain, cough, and irregular heartbeat are possible symptoms of a clot that has moved to the lung.
The duration of travel and taking several flights within a short space of time also increased the likelihood of a clot formation.
The author postulates that the hyperhomocysteinemia predisposed this patient to clot formation in the left internal jugular vein and this in turn led to the development of the Meniere's symptoms.
Quik Clot rapidly absorbs all the liquid in a bloody wound, which allows the blood's clotting factors to work immediately to stop the bleeding.