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 [klo-strid´e-um] (pl. clostri´dia) (L.)
any individual of the genus Clostridium.


Plural of clostridium.


members of the genus Clostridium.

enterotoxic clostridia
produce enterotoxins. See also enterotoxemia.
histotoxic clostridia
are invasive and cause extensive destruction of muscle and connective tissue and are characterized by the formation of gas. Include C. chauvoei, C. colinum, C. hemolyticum, C. novyi, C. perfringens type A and C, C. septicum and C. sordellii.
neurotoxic clostridia
produce neurotoxins. Include C. botulinum, C. tetani.
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Samples of feeder fish and the enclosure substrate were negative for Clostridia species during anaerobic enrichment culture.
This sensitization to food allergens could be reversed, however, by reintroducing a mix of Clostridia bacteria back into the mice.
Dhaked et al (42) isolated toxigenic clostridia from soil of slaughter house, of which one was confirmed by PCR and mouse protection assay as C.
Glenn Gibson, of Reading University, which did the research, said: "We are now screening several strains of probiotic bacteria to see which will intervene against these clostridia.
There is an introductory chapter setting out the known facts on clostridia producing botulinum neurotoxins.
In this book, editor Peter DErre has collected contributions from several experts in the fields of biology, biochemistry, chemistry, and chemical engineering on the subject of system biology approaches to clostridia and the prediction of the metabolism and its changes in Clostridium acetobutylicum.
Clostridia represents a group of anaerobic spore-forming bacteria ubiquitous in the poultry environment.
Antibiotic associated pseudomembranous colitis due to toxin producing clostridia.
Taxonomy of the glycerol fermenting clostridia and description of Clostridium diolis sp.
Clostridia is one of the largest bacterial genera with potential for biotechnical and medical applications.