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closeout, closure

the finalization of a feeding program in a feedlot. The cattle are sold and a balance sheet is struck which includes the costs of feeding and housing or confining them.
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So the next time you need to get your shopping done, whether it's for a birthday party, wedding, baby shower or for your significant other, turn to the Retail Closeout Mall.
Jerry helps us communicate the thrifty and fun appeal of closeout shopping," says Pat Curry, vice president of sales promotion for Big Lots.
Over the years, Van Dyke's humorous approach has helped us portray a frugal and fun look at closeout shopping," said Kent Larsson, executive vice president of marketing for Big Lots.
SBC Advertising has worked with Big Lots for more than 13 years, helping to position the retailer as the category leader in closeout merchandising with the use of award-winning print and broadcast advertisements.
The stores offer a wide assortment of regularly available consumer goods as well as a broad variety of quality, closeout merchandise.
Big Lots is the national leader in broadline closeout retailing with over 1,300 stores in 46 states.
and offers customers 6,000 to 7,000 name brand consumer products, closeouts and perishables.
By focusing exclusively on closeout retailing, we're building on our solid foundation which has positioned us as the leader in broadline closeout retailing.
99 Cent Stuff offers a wide assortment of regularly available consumer goods, health and beauty aids and commodities as well as a broad variety of quality, closeout merchandise.
Check your e-mail for the latest major manufacturer closeout deals
Acterna today introduced its TechComplete Closeout Testing Solution, a new innovation that not only automates testing on the Acterna Digital Service Activation Meter (DSAM) family of test instruments, but also integrates test results with work orders.
Bahadurian will be responsible for managing the Consolidated International and Wisconsin Toy wholesale business units, in addition to leading a buying group to support the closeout