closed surgery

closed sur·ger·y

surgery without incision into skin, for example, reduction of a fracture or dislocation.

closed sur·ge·ry

(klōzd sŭr'jĕr-ē)
Surgery without incision into skin, e.g., reduction of a fracture or dislocation.
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Patients turning up for appointments have been met with a message on the closed surgery door directing them to a phone number in the case of an emergency.
After all, if you had rung a closed surgery you would simply have been told that no doctor was available to see you and that the next available appointment was not for the best part of a week.
TIPS therapy is a minimally invasive procedure with closed surgery, as only a small puncture is needed in the jugular vein for insertion of the GORE([R]) VIATORR([R]) TIPS Device.