closed panel

A managed care plan—e.g., staff and group model HMO—in which covered insureds must select a primary care physician, who has control over referrals to other physicians in or out of the group. Closed panels generally do not reimburse their members for health care services used outside of the provider network

closed panel,

n 1. in a prepayment plan, a group of dental professionals sharing office facilities who provide stipulated services to an eligible group for a set premium. For beneficiaries of plans using closed panels, choice of dental professionals is limited to panel members. Dentists must accept any beneficiary as a patient.
2. a closed-panel dental benefits plan exists when patients eligible to receive benefits can receive them only if services are provided by dental professionals who have signed an agreement with the benefits plan to provide treatment to eligible patients. As a result of the dental professional reimbursement methods characteristic of a closed-panel plan, only a small percentage of practicing dental professionals in a given geographic area are typically contracted by the plan to provide dental services.
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Typical construction involves concrete foundations, a Contractor Designed timber kit closed panel system, with factory fitted doors and windows, brickwork external walls, gas fired combi boiler / possible district heating; pipework and radiators, standard kitchen fitments, standard sanitary fittings and all associated external works.
I have stood on the side lines quietly observing at various conferences, roundtable dialogues, open as well as closed panel discussions and at social gatherings listening to experts; journalists, academics, diplomats alike talk shop on Cyprus and its political and economic future.
Based in the heart of the West Midlands, LoCaL Homes is a closed panel timber frame manufacturer, which produces high quality homes as a sustainable, environmentally conscious, low carbon alternative to more traditionally built structures.
I don't want to be talking about anyone in particular but it's not a closed panel for another few weeks.
TransDance promises to surprise and inspire, and features performances, video and audio installations, film, and a closed panel session on "Politics, Policy and Production.
So far, the winners among Welsh Politicians are selected by a closed panel of experts from among the political parties, sponsors and journalists.
A closed panel of medical, journalism, and legal experts will choose the winner.
The team was set the challenge of finding a low-carbon insulation material for the panels, to allow the firms to expand into closed panel construction, where the insulation comes selfcontained.
In Europe, the walls arrive from the factory with two cement boards forming an insulated, closed panel system.
Medical care cost savings over several years were small in the closed panel group practice but moderate for the health plan overall.
In a closed panel, a designated provider law firm is contracted to handle all the legal issues of members in each state.
Managed health care is actually a spectrum of systems, ranging from so-called managed indemnity through PPOs [Preferred Provider Organizations], POS [Point of Service] plans, open panel HMOs [Health Maintenance Organizations], and closed panel HMOs.