clinically competent

clin·i·cal·ly com·pe·tent

(klin'i-kăl-ē kom'pĕ-tĕnt)
Performing within the legal scope of defined practice, following standards or principles that satisfy the demands of the given situation.
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Results Management requirements: Return test results to the service user and to the contracted clinically competent supplier (using agreed communication methods).
Nurse educators are expected to prepare graduates of nurse practitioner programs to provide clinically competent care to diverse client populations in a variety of complex health care settings.
In another case a radiologist was deemed clinically competent to continue to practise after the wrong procedure was carried out on the wrong body part of a patient.
One of the biggest issues, she said, is that the "bad apples" tend to be clinically competent and have gotten away with their negative behavior for a long time, using their clinical competency as a shield against being disciplined.
Be clinically competent in an area of nursing practice.
Her intensive training program - which promises that students will be "highly trained and clinically competent in nine weeks" - is similar to other dental assistant schools in the Atlanta area.
The concept they put forth was that physicians should be scientifically, ethically, and clinically competent and should protect and promote the patient as their primary concern and motivation.
Associate Professor Kelvin Foong, National University of Singapore Discipline Director for Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry, adds, "NUS Faculty of Dentistry plays an important role in developing the next generation of leaders in the dental profession, and the Invisalign Foundation Medal and Prize serves as an encouragement to our postgraduate students in orthodontics to excel as clinically competent professionals.
AMHCA believes the competency standards are critically important because they ensure that each counselor applicant--regardless of their degree and which accreditation standards they were trained under--is clinically competent to practice independently with TRICARE beneficiaries.
She says the aim of the new degree is to produce both clinically competent nurses and nurses who are competent and confident to engage with Maori whanau and communities.
Alison Bruce, Disciplinary Committee Chairman, said: "We would like to make it clear that we always find it distressing to remove clinically competent veterinary surgeons from the Register because of an irresponsible and cavalier attitude towards certification.
This innovative, clinically competent, excellently priced, ultrasound system offers exceptional customer value to financially constrained Eastern European healthcare providers.
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