clinical tutor

clinical tutor

(1) A medical doctor—usually a consultant or associate specialist—in the UK who assumes the responsibility for the day-to-day oversight of a trainee because it would be, for geographical reasons, difficult for the trainee’s usual educational supervisor to continue in that role.

(2) The doctor responsible for organising education and training in a particular hospital trust, and overseeing the organisational aspects of postgraduate professional learning. Each health district usually has a clinical tutor for hospital doctors and one for GPs.

Clinical Tutors v College Tutors

Clinical Tutor
The local representative of the Postgraduate Dean, who is broadly responsible for training in all specialties within an NHS Trust. Clinical Tutors are increasingly designated as Directors of Medical Education, reflecting a broadening role to cover career-grade doctors as well as trainees.

College Tutors
The local representative of a medical Royal College who has oversight of training within a particular specialty.
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Andrew, an operating department practitioner, works mainly in the burns and plastic surgery theatres in Swansea's Morriston Hospital and is also a clinical tutor in Swansea University's College of Medicine.
Becoming a clinical tutor is a role that each tutor in our study seemed to have grown into and shaped in their own particular way.
He is currently Deputy-Head of the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences, and Clinical Tutor at St.
Dr Asim Kumar Mandal is a clinical tutor at Kolkata and has no financial interest in The Himalaya Drug Company.
Ms Auld spent six years as chair of the British and Irish Orthoptic Society and is currently head orthoptist/lead clinical tutor at the Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre.
I also spent a couple of years as the Clinical Tutor for radiotherapy students here in Newcastle.
Dr Christophe Blockeel, the principal applicant awarded the prize of 50,000 Euros, is a Fellow in Reproductive Medicine and Clinical Tutor at the Centre for Reproductive Medicine, UZ Brussels, Belgium.
Gary Vale, clinical tutor for YAS, said: "Students who have reached this stage of their training are given the opportunity to help patients and see what it is really like at the sharp end.
The time-wasting involved contrasts starkly with the keeping of a log book or portfolio in which procedures are recorded, dated and duly signed by a clinical tutor or even a senior nurse.
Jenny Munro works from home as a clinical tutor for NHS Education Scotland.

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