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All of these resources are devoted solely to conducting clinical trials.
For clinical trials at this stage, statistically relevant numbers of participants are essential, so they are often conducted at a number of different sites.
Clinical Trial Overview of Psyadon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Participation in clinical trials essentially requires three Ingredients: (1) physicians willing to refer patients to clinical trials: (2) patients willing to participate and accept the uncertainty of randomization: and (3) a mechanism to pay for the therapy.
Many payers might be more receptive to funding clinical trials if the diffusion of investigational therapies could be restricted until adequate outcomes data could be collected.
Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) Global Clinical Trials Review, Q1, 2011
These advancements include identification of a new tablet formulation for XP19986 that may be suitable as a once-a-day treatment for gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, as well as updates on clinical trials that are part of XenoPort's XP13512 development program.
Consistent with earlier trials, this clinical trial demonstrated again that SILENOR[TM] was well tolerated.
The company expects results from its remaining Phase 3 clinical trial for SILENOR[TM] in December of this year.
A 2006 Bio-IT World Life Sciences Conference and Expo "Best of Show" winner, the CTSD system provides a library of predefined and customizable tests that tailor signal detection algorithms to the unique requirements of clinical trial data.
In addition, clinical trials using cortical stimulation for the treatment of severe tinnitus and treatment-resistant depression continue to progress.
Kendle will support CVBT in its Phase II clinical trial ensuring that the protocol and study adhere to FDA regulatory requirements.

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