clinical simulation

clinical simulation

An educational model of a phenomenon or activity that allows students to rehearse behaviors without placing clients or institutional resources at risk.

Patient care

Simulation replaces or amplifies real patient experiences with guided experiences that mimic experiences that professionals may encounter during their daily work or during extraordinary circumstances. Simulations may be conducted using interactive audio or video, specially designed simulators, or live volunteer faculty members acting out predetermined scenarios. Simulated experiences may be followed by group discussions, debriefings, or more traditional forms of pedagogy.

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Competency development can be accomplished externally, through education sessions at an established clinical simulation lab or internally by vendor supported demonstration days.
Total cost for a CRT, WRRT and Clinical Simulation Self-Assessment Exam is $140.
Sydney Nursing School's Clinical Simulation Laboratories (CSL) is making full use of mannikins for its pre-registration and post-graduate nursing students.
The accompanying CD-ROM contains clinical simulation test questions, work sheets, and two interactive practice examinations.
60-08 Clinical Simulation Laboratory Experience Evaluation and Faculty Competency in the Clinical Simulation Experience--this is to promote creativity in the education process while promoting good outcomes to the learning experience
Students in both groups were evaluated at the end of the mandatory simulation exercise by using the Clinical Simulation Evaluation Tool (CSET).
6 million grant, the Levelland, Texas, school will develop a clinical simulation center where health care professionals can receive real-world training for the field.
Of particular interest is the Clinical Simulation Lab open to API and NTI registrants.
Some institutions are expanding the opportunities for both rotations and situations experienced by opening clinical simulation centers.
Veith said she began having conversations with LPN faculty after receiving a CD in the mail about new clinical simulation technology.
Henneman EA, Cunningham H (2005) Using clinical simulation to teach patient safety in an acute/critical care nursing course.

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