clinical pharmacist

clin·i·cal phar·ma·cist

(klin-i'kăl fahr'mă-sist)
A registered pharmacist trained in clinical aspects of patient care.
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As a clinical pharmacist and certified diabetes educator at Cross City Medical Clinic in rural Corinth, Miss.
95) is the only book to be co-authored by a nurse, dietician and clinical pharmacist, and offers a guide for those seeking a wheat-free, gluten-free lifestyle.
Providers interact with the module dietitian, social worker, clinical pharmacist, psychologist, psychiatrist, and other health care team members to provide comprehensive health care.
A clinical pharmacist, Zipperlen's expertise in the field of pharmacy is essential to the delivery of high-quality, compassionate patient care.
This deal marks about the unique plans to completely utilize the clinical potential of all pharmacists in managing patients drug treatment and prescribing as required, they also provide chances of breaking the subsisting barriers between community and hospital pharmacy sectors, and place the clinical pharmacist as the experts in the clinical use of medicines.
Holly Vance, the company's clinical pharmacist, notes that the treatment for anthrax may vary.
Richard Mainzer, RPh, FASCP, is a director of marketing and product development with NeighborCare and a clinical pharmacist with 24 years of long-term care experience.
Chelminski and his colleagues at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, developed and tested a multidisciplinary pain management program that combined the skills of general internists, nurses, a clinical pharmacist practitioner, a psychiatrist with pain specialization, and a program assistant.
Coleman, a clinical pharmacist who is a certified diabetes educator in Virginia.
In essence, the clinical pharmacist has validated that the medication and dosage is appropriate, and the nurse has validated that the medication, dosage, patient and time of administration are all correct.
The unit currently has 15 registered patients and is staffed by a specialist team of nephrologists who are supported by a clinical pharmacist, dietician and a social worker.
He previously worked as a clinical pharmacist and clinical coordinator in hospitals for 20+ years.
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