clinical laboratory scientist

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clinical laboratory scientist/medical technologist (CLS/MT)

an allied health professional who, in conjunction with pathologists or other physicians or medical scientists, performs specialized chemical, microscopic, and bacteriological tests of blood, tissue, and fluids. In addition to possessing the skills of clinical laboratory technicians/medical laboratory technicians, clinical laboratory scientists/medical technologists perform complex analyses, fine-line discrimination, and error correction. They have knowledge of physiological conditions affecting test results so they can develop data that may be used by a physician in determining the presence, extent, and, as far as possible, cause of a disease. They are held accountable for accurate results, establish and monitor quality assurance programs, and modify procedures as necessary. Preparation includes a baccalaureate degree and at least 1 year of professional/clinical education. Also called clinical laboratory scientist.
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The challenge for the clinical laboratory scientist is to create learning tools that ensure they can order the correct test, receive correct results, and that the results give meaning to the patient treatment plan.
The non doctoral clinical laboratory scientists are the most broadly educated in depth within the laboratory fields and are not confined to addressing one specific discipline.
This qualitative case study sought to document the career paths of women clinical laboratory scientists who have transitioned from the clinical setting to the higher education arena and held an administrative position at the dean's level, including assistant and associate dean positions.
While clinical laboratory scientists, also called medical technologists, may have commitments to individuals both within and outside the work place, this study will focus on their commitment to the organization in which they work and examine factors possibly influencing this commitment.
Yet to be truly information literate, the clinical laboratory scientist cannot rely on information found in hard-bound references and textbooks.
This list of competencies describes a competent, effective clinical laboratory scientist who would be an asset to any clinical laboratory.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the job opportunities for clinical laboratory scientists are expected to be excellent.
Additional data from BLS shows that in 2000, there were 295,000 clinical laboratory scientists and technicians; but, in 2003, the number decreased to 291,410.
Clinical laboratory scientist training-a need for reform [Editorial].
As a clinical laboratory scientist who cut his "lab teeth" on these instruments, both in a medical technology internship and on my first job, the photos brought back fond memories.
Sadri holds ASCP certification in clinical laboratory medical technology and California state licensure as a clinical laboratory scientist.
Similarly, there is quite a difference in scope of practice of molecular techniques of clinical laboratory scientists and cytotechnologists who might be certified at the entry level in molecular biology and those molecular biologists who graduate from approved molecular programs and enter a molecular diagnostic laboratory, also with the same entry-level certification.

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