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diabetes mellitus

Endocrinology A chronic condition which affects ±10% of the general population, characterized by ↑ serum glucose and a relative or absolute ↓ in pancreatic insulin production, or ↓ tissue responsiveness to insulin; if not properly controlled, the excess glucose damages blood vessels of the eyes, kidneys, nerves, heart Types Insulin dependent–type I and non-insulin dependent–type II diabetes Symptoms type 1 DM is associated with ↑ urine output, thirst, fatigue, and weight loss (despite an ↑ appetite), N&V; type 2 DM is associated with, in addition, non-healing ulcers, oral and bladder infections, blurred vision, paresthesias in the hands and feet, and itching Cardiovascular MI, stoke Eyes Retinal damage, blindness Legs/feet Nonhealing ulcers, cuts leading to gangrene and amputation Kidneys HTN, renal failure Neurology Paresthesias, neuropathy Diagnosis Serum glucose above cut-off points after meals or when fasting; once therapy is begun, serum levels of glycosylated Hb are measured periodically to assess adequacy of glucose control Management Therapy reflects type of DM; metformin and triglitazone have equal and additive effects on glycemic control Prognosis A function of stringency of glucose control and presence of complications. See ABCD Trial, Brittle diabetes, Bronze diabetes, Chemical diabetes, Gestational diabetes, Insulin-dependent diabetes, Metformin, MODY diabetes, Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, Pseudodiabetes, Secondary diabetes, Starvation diabetes, Troglitazone.
Diabetes mellitus–Type 1 vs Type 2
Finding Type 1 Type 2
% of diabetics  10%  90%
Age of onset Usually < 35  Usually > 40
Weight Not overweight Overweight
Speed of onset Often abrupt/acute Asymptomatic, slower onset
Clinical findings ↑ Thirst, urine production Poorly healing cuts, paresthesias
 appetite; rapid weight loss of hands/feet; recurring skin, oral,
 fatigue  infections
Lab findings Ketonuria

clinical findings

reported symptoms, objective signs and disease prognosis
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Infants without clinical findings, whose mothers have lab-confirmed Zika exposure
The clinical findings and cerebral spinal fluid analysis look quite different between the two problems, however.
The surveys included questions about demographics, management strategies for acute pharyngitis, understanding of the appropriate use of throat cultures and rapid testing, and the approach to a clinical scenario with clinical findings consistent with group A streptococci pharyngitis.
Findings suggest those patients who do not have clinical findings above can proceed to immediate lumbar puncture, potentially decreasing CT scan frequency by 41%.
The SPECT reading should be done by an expert and combined with clinical findings and neuropsychological results to achieve an accurate diagnosis.
Clinical findings may include dark-colored urine, swelling of different parts of the body (edema), and high blood pressure.
QMR can perform four main functions: (1) generate a differential diagnosis from a set of clinical findings; (2) create a simulation consisting of a set of clinical findings and a "correct" diagnosis; (3) act as an electronic textbook of medicine, profiling diseases by findings, suggested work up, related diagnoses, and relevant journal articles; and (4) link automatically to MEDLINE using Grateful Med software (this requires purchase and installation of Grateful Med).
Summaries of the clinical status and clinical findings (safety, adverse events and multiple event-related clinical responses), following clinical trials (Phases 1-3) of therapeutic antibodies being evaluated for the treatment of lung cancer
Under fee-for-service payment arrangements, providers need to schedule patients, keep records of their clinical findings and of the services they render, and send bills, in the form of claims, to patients and/or their payers.
In the next two months, we expect data from five clinical studies to be presented at major medical meetings - the results from the T-DM1 Phase II study that could support a registration filing in 2010 if the findings are compelling, updated clinical data with our IMGN901 compound in the treatment of both CD56-expressing solid tumors and multiple myeloma, and the first clinical findings with SAR3419 and BT-062," commented Daniel Junius, President and Chief Executive Officer.
The maps are followed by a color atlas of tickborne diseases with plates depicting typical skin lesions and other clinical findings along with examples of microscopic pathology.
The clinical findings in a patient with an inflammatory pseudotumor are variable, depending on the growth rate of the lesion and the specific structures that have been affected.

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