clinical clerkship

clin·i·cal clerk·ship

(klin'i-kăl klĕrk'ship)
Situation in which someone works for and under supervision of a more experienced dentist.
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6% of UK medical students in their study group had no undergraduate urology attachment throughout their clinical clerkship.
He was reinstated to practice medicine after six months of study in which he was required to pass a board examination and complete a clinical clerkship.
That would be so much more attainable, Patel said, if Texas - like New York, California, Florida and several other states - allowed AUC students to spend their third and fourth years in a clinical clerkship at a state hospital.
On several occasions, residents or faculty supervising the student on the clinical clerkship also came to the case review with the pathologist.
Clinical clerkship in psychiatry for undergraduates at Bayero University medical school takes place during the students' 6th academic year, lasting for 4 weeks.
Before the start of their clinical clerkship year, the students have an opportunity, on a lottery basis, to choose predetermined linked inpatient and ambulatory sites on the pediatric clerkship.
These skills may be acquired by students as part of epidemiology or biostatistics courses or during a clinical clerkship.
TABB is also currently beta testing new clinical rotation management software, the industry's first fully functional risk management platform developed specifically for managing the clinical clerkship component of a medical school student's education.
3) Operationalizing this definition for third-year medical students on a clinical clerkship predominantly involves students learning to develop a clinical question and searching available resources, and only then beginning to learn how to critically appraise the validity of retrieved sources and how to apply this information to an individual patient.
Medical Licensing Examinations and NCLEX, and also provides clinical clerkship opportunities in some of the best teaching hospitals in the U.
Now in his final months of clinical clerkship training at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY, Moskowitz will start his residency training in internal medicine at St.
To: "Is there a clinical clerkship site that is specifically designed to facilitate LGBT patient care?

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