clinical benefit response

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clinical benefit response

Abbreviation: CBR
An improvement in at least one important symptom or element of the quality of life of a cancer patient that directly results from treatment, without any decline in any other element of the patient's quality of life.

Patient care

Some cancers are not curable or responsive to treatment with surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. However, one or more of their most distressing symptoms may be manageable, e.g. alleviation of pain by therapy. Palliation of pain, nausea, or breathlessness, even in the absence of cure, is a clinically beneficial goal of treatment for some incurable tumors, such as cancers of the pancreas.

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With clinical benefit response, we are able to demonstrate the benefits of drugs that provide improvements in certain disease-related symptoms, in addition to increasing survival time, for some patients.
Of 39 evaluable patients who received a dose of 20mg/m(2), 18 percent achieved an overall response and 26 percent achieved a clinical benefit response.
Secondary objectives of this study include safety and tolerability, clinical benefit response (CBR), time to progression (TTP), duration of response (DOR), progression-free survival, and best ORR throughout the study.
This randomized trial demonstrated that the addition of ELOXATIN to gemcitabine, the current standard chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer, achieved significantly better results than gemcitabine alone in terms of response rate, progression-free survival and clinical benefit response.

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