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The study of climate.
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Rather, climatologists said the storms were not even strong enough to elevate January rain totals to anything near record levels.
The scientists at Real Climate, the blog written by some of the world's most prominent climatologists, have described the writings of sceptics such as Monckton as "cuckoo eggs in a nest .
By the late 1970s, these realizations, along with insights from studies of the cooling effects of aerosols spewed from an Indonesian volcano in 1963, helped climatologists better estimate the balance between greenhouse gas warming and aerosol-induced cooling.
Kulongoski has asked OSU's president to stop Taylor from using the title, arguing that someone calling himself the state climatologist would be presumed to speak for Oregon government.
COLD COMFORT: Dennis Quaid as climatologist Jack Hall in Roland Emmerich's latest disaster flick; BIG FREEZE: The Big Apple is frozen in a scene from The Day After Tomorrow
British climatologist Terry Rapson (IanHolm), who is based at a remote facility on the Scottish coast,concurs with Jack's nightmarishpredictions.
On a 99-degree day in June 1988, as the nation sweltered through the latest hot, dry summer in a decade of record high-temperature years, climatologist James Hansen appeared before Congress and proclaimed that he was 99 percent certain the earth was in the midst of man-induced global warming.
As record drought and heat in Texas have garnered more attention over the last few years, so has John Nielsen-Gammon, Texas' state climatologist.
SIR - Failed US Presidential candidate Al Gore has set himself up as the world's leading climatologist and promoter of fear about global warming without any qualifications in the subject.
Legendary climatologist Arthur Rosenfeld recently told the website SolveClimate that painting roofs white in cities could help reduce the urban heat-island effect.