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The study of climate.
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RAIL: How is the Global North responding to climatologically driven social breakdown in the Global South?
President Barack Obama, hold that nuclear is climatologically preferable to carbon-belching fossil fuels with their globe-warming emissions.
Highly sensitive Arctic ecosystems and insufficient resources to patrol such a vast and climatologically difficult region increase vulnerabilities to both commercial and environmental disasters.
Like the novels, the film versions of Ramona and The Barrier respectively portray the topographically and climatologically divergent borderlands of Southern California and the Yukon-Alaska frontier as places unique and rich in local color.
There will be some cool days ahead, depending on the weather pressure system, but climatologically, the temperature through the month of March starts to increase gradually," added the official.
Although artificially inducing the retreat of glaciers may not be ecologically or climatologically wise, the Himalayan region nonetheless has an interest in storing glacial meltwater that represents the amount of glacial melt in excess of historic levels.
The Middle Western States considered geologically, topographically, and climatologically, form a great natural province, showing points of marked contrast with the region of the Eastern and Middle States on the East, and that of the elevated Rocky Mountain Plains on the West; in some respects connecting the two, yet geographically distinct from both.
Climatologically, the difficulties involved in separating long-term variability from the effects of more recent climate change, and the roles of ENSO and tropical cyclone activity, are treated well.
As shown in Figure 24, the scatter in the data is high and the regression line is more or less a climatologically approach for the relation.
The recent cold spell in the East and Great Lakes area is consistent with the winter forecast which calls for colder seasonable weather at the beginning and end of the winter with warmer temperatures dominating what climatologically is supposed to be the coldest part of the season.
Rather, the purpose of running the regression models with the climate data from 1961 to 1990 was to establish the number of rounds played in a climatologically average year during the baseline period and 30 years is the standard used by climatologists to establish climatic averages.