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The study of climate.
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The ANUSPLIN method does not depend on prior, climatologically extracted covariances and does not assume that the spatial covariance is stationary.
Traditionally, statistical models have been used for hydrologic and climatologically drought forecasting based on time series methods.
When you look at the world globe, Panama and Bali are very close in latitude with Bali at 8 degrees and Panama at 9 degrees, making them sisters climatologically, environmentally, and ecologically.
Edgeview's brochure already is trying to upgrade Elkton's image, pointing out that, geographically and climatologically, the area has been "compared .
A new study suggests that the past 20 years have been a climatologically curious time, when Earth's surface and the lower atmosphere have warmed at different rates.
That's understandable: climatologically, the tramway ride is the equivalent of driving from Mexico to Alaska and back again.
When we enhance our model, we focus specifically upon the consistent representation of risk across the North Atlantic basin; the appropriate per-occurrence loss exceedance curve based on climatologically reasonable hurricane tracks and parameter histories; and the appropriate spatial correlation of loss," Mr.
The island's climate and tourism climatologically study of the requirements of this section is to develop a tourism strategy, actually different seasons and climatic conditions of certain ranges of year, is an important factor in selecting location by the tourists.
Provides extensive climatologically data on all of Michigan's weather stations, including statistics on maximum and minimum temperatures, precipitation, extreme temperatures, humidity and more.