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The study of climate.
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Disclaimer: It is declared that the abstract/manuscript of the paper titled: "Predicting dengue outbreak in the metropolitan city Lahore, Pakistan, using dengue vector indices and selected climatological variables as predictors" has not been previously presented or published in a conference or in a journal.
The climatological exposure information was subsequently projected on each pregnancy individually for E1 to E5, providing an individual exposure profile for each woman.
25) A critical aspect of this reassurance is climatological.
The topics of the workshop were climatological ice time series and models; sea ice dynamics: models, engineering, ice breaking, accidents, human life; structure and ecology of ice and under the ice: freezing, melting, transmittance, living; ice-land, ice-ocean and ice-atmosphere interaction.
This book is intended as a response to continuing interest from students and researchers in time series analysis, a widely used tool in meteorological and climatological studies.
The meeting came up with many recommendations (Jeddah Declaration) which includes a project to establish a council for Arab Ministers responsible for meteorological and climatological affairs , and to assign the Technical Secretariat for the Arab permanent committee for meteorology in coordination with the legal department in the Secretariat General of the Arab League to put the basic law for the council, which should discuss and study in an extraordinary session for Arab permanent committee for meteorology and refer it to the meeting of Arab Ministers responsible for meteorological and climatological affairs for approval and to request the Secretariat General of the Arab League to follow the necessary steps and legal procedures usual in such context.
If any of a range of possibilities came about, political, climatological, economic, we might very easily find ourselves having to live on what we can grow in our own country - and remember that in 1939-45 that was only half the requirements of a population of 45 million.
Currently, the units are used at airports, climatological and agrometeorological stations to monitor weather and climate.
GDD Data based on 50[degrees]F (10[degrees]C) from local climatological data (LCD) sites has been directly used and statistically tested for significance.
It was pointed out that there is need for conducting studies on existing hydro power potential in the region, river diversion for agricultural usage and collection of climatological data.
One assumes a climatological study has been carried out on the proposal for floating museums off Holy Island and the architect is aware of the fierce weather that prevails in the area.
This database is unique in science for its combination of attributes: one observer (which reduces errors); very long-term, multiple sites surveyed often; a large number of species (more than 150); and attendant climatological data.