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The study of climate.
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The investigation of this specific geographic region with respect to environmental planning and analysis is a critical task and is presented as an open field for new experimentation, including climatologic studies.
The climatologic aspects were obtained from the reanalysis data from the North Atlantic Oscillation (NOOA-NCEP/NCAR), followed by an analysis of the mean pressure field deviations of 1000 hPa (fig.
This lack of the necessary tools of our trade may frequently be compounded by cultural or political issues as well as geographical and climatologic challenges.
The rate of scorpion sting cases have been expected more than recent observed data in Kashan area ac-cording to the regional climatologic condition of which belonging to a warm and arid climate.
Data from water temperature (collected before food supply), photoperiod (supplied by climatologic station of UFLA) and food consumption, previously standardized by Dias-Junior and Mourgues-Schurter (2001) were collected from March to August.
This became obvious in the pilot study as we tried to interconnect local-scale understandings and contexts with broader scale climatologic data (see below).
the figure of climatologic and destined change wherein the storms of
Extrinsic variables include: the nature, severities and timing of climatologic changes, dietary challenges, competition for resources, and predator pressure.
The Evac Sim generates wind conditions at the base for each typhoon through random draws from a distribution of possible conditions constructed to represent realistic climatologic conditions.