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pertaining to or emanating from climate.

climatic stress
deleterious physical effects of climate on animals.
climatic type
see climate classes.

Patient discussion about climatic

Q. If you are an asthmatic, is it better to live in a cold climate or hot climate?

A. Well, I'm not a doctor and I guess you should consult one cause each patient can get allergic asthma from different things but as an asthmatic I can tell you it's not necessarily has to do with cold/warm tough humidity and haziness are definitely important factors for some of us. I tend to get more attacks in places with these factors and in my country, the city which is considered with the "best air" for asthmatics has a dry and cold weather...

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The following April, after a climatically normal year, that living vegetation had nearly disappeared, Haff says.
Moreover, this region is geographically, climatically and demographically so richly diverse that it provides virtually inexhaustible topics for exploration.
The Island of Hainan and the southwest province Yunnan are climatically favorable regions for aloe cultivation.
As in Trishanku, the main persona here clearly presents experiences, attitudes, and issues of a civically and academically active Indian-born woman happily married to an Indian man, attempting to accommodate to Canadian--more specifically Manitoban--life culturally and climatically, and raising their child to have some honest feelings like their own about India and about their probably always less than fully accepted, racially marked place in Canadian multicultural society.
18]O values as well as changes in the pollen spectra are a reflection of climatically controlled dynamics where the residence time evolution plays a significant role.
The team collected 200 adult male and female yabbies from geographically and climatically discrete populations in the Warrego River near Cunnamulla, the Gwyder River near Armidale, the Mooki River near Gunnedah, the Tumut River at Tumut, and the Wimmera River at Horsham in Victoria.
Its vulnerability is low because of the low presence of gametocyte carriers (imported cases) during the season climatically favorable to transmission.
At least for reasonably fresh material, measurements of monoterpenes and VOC concentrations at mills probably reflect climatically affecte d patterns of tree development.
Climate change and the resultant rise in sea level are likely to exacerbate threats to buildings, roads, power lines and other infrastructure in climatically sensitive areas, such as low-lying coastlines, it said.
When you come down to it, the Japanese really know their cherries and some of the very best varieties have been bred and imported from those islands climatically like our own.
For the first time in 50 years, the Election Commission has the tough task of conducting the world's largest democratic exercise during one of the most climatically harsh times of the year -- the timing coincides when many parts of India will be reeling under cyclones or floods after long heat spells.