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Drug slang A regional term for PCP
Alternative—fringe medicine An exercise in polarity therapy intended to loosen the chest and shoulders, expand the lungs, stretch the vertebral column, and release pelvic tension
Vox populi A moment of extreme—Hollywood-esque—tension
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Even then Sheffield were determined to have the last say and set up a cliffhanging finish through a try by Darren Turner.
Survivor'' winner Richard Hatch may be a low-down scheming ``snake,'' but much of the talk around town Thursday focused on trucker Susan Hawk's tirade during the TV series' cliffhanging climax.
Dinosaur" is at its exhilarating best in the long, dazzling opening sequence, which follows the egg out of which Aladar will be hatched as it is snatched from its nest by a swift Oviraptor, passed through dense forests from species to species, sent floating down rivers like a Mesozoic Moses, borne aloft in the beak of a winged Pteranodon, soaring over dinosaur-dotted plains and jagged canyons and seacoast cliffs on a magical Cretaceous carpet ride that has the cliffhanging inventiveness of a James Bond action overture.
But the worst thing was being shot," she says teasingly, without giving away any of the cliffhanging plot.
There's a full quota of chases, dark rooms and cliffhanging moments but what is the point if it doesn't make your hair stand on end?
The first-season trainer had the sort of start to his career that only the fiction writers can dream up when the daughter of Red Ransom held Yesterday and Summitville in a cliffhanging finish to the Vodafone Oaks, and she showed she belonged in the top bracket with a similar hallmark performance when a very creditable third to
There may not be the cliffhanging tension and the huge highs and huge sorrows of last season.
The way last night's penultimate instalment ended just as the head juror was about to give the verdict was a cliffhanging masterstroke.
Responsible for catapulting actress Pearl White to "soaring stardom" surrounded by a "vast mythology," The Perils of Pauline follows the eponymous heroine's cliffhanging exploits as she is consistently endangered by Raymond Owen, the villainous guardian of her father's fortune.
The last sentence in the cover story concluded, "It is time for less cliffhanging, and more common sense.
CLIFFHANGING teahouses, exquisite works of art and restaurants filled with toilet seats: Kate Hodal explores Taiwan, the small Southeast Asian nation that boldly claims to be the best place on earth On a whirlwind tour of a nation best known for its cheap electronics, regular typhoons and historical animosity towards China, we are here to uncover the "other side" of Taiwan - the food, history, fun and traditions.