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eMotive Communications' unique 3G client application, RingJam[TM], enables the secure phone-to-phone transmission of licensed music and video clips.
Only the ClairMail System offers mobile banking and payments applications that utilize any phone's existing messaging and mobile web software and extend the capabilities of third-party native client applications.
Together, Eclipse RCP and Instantiations RCP Developer will help bring Java applications back onto the desktop by providing tools for constructing and testing user interfaces and packaging small-footprint, rich client applications for deployment.
The features of the IME client application were co-validated to work with Symbol devices, including the MC50 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) and the MC9000 mobile computer, which were wirelessly connected to the WS51000 Wireless Switch and the AP300 Access Ports.
It prescribes the encoding of GML application schemas in sufficient detail that client applications do not need to deal with the entire scope of XML-Schema and GML but only need to accommodate a restricted subset of both specifications in order to be able to interpret schema documents generated by servers offering data encoded in GML.
Build Rich Client Applications - New and improved tools can be used to create rich client applications on top of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP).
Organizations Build New Generation of Rich Client Applications on Eclipse Platform
1, delivering improved tools, easier installations and cross-platform builds to enable programmers to rapidly develop and deploy rich client applications.
0 provide the best of both worlds: the speed and functionality of a rich client application with the easy maintenance and development agility of a browser-friendly Web application.
With Lucidoc, the client application simply reads, updates, and transports XML data to and from the server.