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n Latin name:
Clematis virginiana L.; part used: leaves (fresh); uses: migraines, epidermal maladies, hypertension; is used rarely; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children, patients with vasculitis; can cause mucous irritation, upset stomach, colic, diarrhea, dizziness, seizures, disorientation, death (rare). Also called
Devil's darning needle, old man's beard, traveler's joy, vine bower, and


a genus of the plant family Ranunculaceae; contains toxin protoanemonin causing anorexia, thirst, violent diarrhea, convulsions when ingested, lacrimation, rhinorrhea when inhaled, vesication when rubbed on; includes C. aristata, C. glycinoides, C. microphylla, C. vitalba (travellers' joy).
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Could you please tell me what has attacked my 10-year-old clematis this year?
RAYMOND LAWSON, BY EMAIL AIT is large-flowered clematis that are most prone to wilt.
Raymond Lawson, by email CAROL: It is large-flowered clematis that are most prone to wilt.
And as the leading producer of young clematis plants he is responsible for many of those bright and sunny flowers that you're waking up to in your gardens today.
Sometimes you dream of a walled garden with opportunities to train fruit, grow exotic climbers, train a wisteria or develop a collection of clematis.
NO garden is complete without clematis - their showy blooms enhance all planting schemes.
But in the garden one of the classic combinations, which will always bring a heavenly note to summer, is pairing clematis and roses.
Contract notice: Work on the parking clematis and creating a public garden - jean avenue herminier (2 lots).
The queen of all climbers is the Clematis and it stands out from the crowd in more ways than one.
218 Clematis StreetFive finalists have been selected in the Great Shop Showdown, a contest whose winner gets a year of free rent to open a business in a vacant space on Clematis Street in downtown West Palm Beach, the Sun-Sentinel reported.
WHETHER you want big, bold, brazen blooms or more delicate, subtle flowers, there is a clematis for you and every garden should have at least one but preferably more.