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A fixed anchorage, usually metal, embedded in the acrylic resin base of an orthodontic retainer or soldered to an arch wire. An elastic device is attached during tooth movement.

cleat (klēt),

n a fixed point of anchorage, usually in the form of a metal spur or loop embedded in the acrylic resin base of a Hawley retainer or soldered onto an arch wire, to which a rubber dam elastic or other device is attached during orthodontic tooth movement.

cleat, cleave

claw of any cloven-footed animal.
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The company is counted as the world's leader in cable cleats.
When the job is complete, the machine is driven off the Cleat and the unit is removed for use on the next site.
greeNEWit, a Maryland sustainability company located in Columbia, Maryland, incorporated Cleats for Bare Feet as a part of it's Agent of Change Internship Program in the summer of 2012.
The clip became a sensation, angering fans who believe that the cleat snatching incident revealed Ereth to be a selfish poor sport unconcerned with the feelings of the young boy or the intentions of Donald Driver, who was tossing the shoe to the boy for him to keep as a momento of the game.
There was a fee to play sports, but the gear - shoes and cleats can cost as much as $150 to $200.
For best performance, put a set of cleats on every fifth shoe.
The boots worn were of the same design, only with different cleat patterns - one studded and one bladed.
Peck: The market has changed since our entry, in 2006, as competitor brands are now beginning to focus on football cleats and the story around them.
Wow," Amanda exclaimed, watching a Cleat player limp to the bench after a hard tackle.
The cleats were too narrow, and my foot was hanging off the side of the cleat," said Markey, who missed spring practice when the fracture was detected.
It turns out that a tree frog has tiny bumps on the bottom of its feet, almost like soccer cleats.
Gay soccer players are just the icing on the scone for this deliciously tawdry British soap that's like Dynasty with cleats.