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A fixed anchorage, usually metal, embedded in the acrylic resin base of an orthodontic retainer or soldered to an arch wire. An elastic device is attached during tooth movement.

cleat (klēt),

n a fixed point of anchorage, usually in the form of a metal spur or loop embedded in the acrylic resin base of a Hawley retainer or soldered onto an arch wire, to which a rubber dam elastic or other device is attached during orthodontic tooth movement.

cleat, cleave

claw of any cloven-footed animal.
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The company is counted as the world's leader in cable cleats.
We plan to offer different sizes of Cleats for different soil conditions," Sharpe continued.
greeNEWit, a Maryland sustainability company located in Columbia, Maryland, incorporated Cleats for Bare Feet as a part of it's Agent of Change Internship Program in the summer of 2012.
The clip became a sensation, angering fans who believe that the cleat snatching incident revealed Ereth to be a selfish poor sport unconcerned with the feelings of the young boy or the intentions of Donald Driver, who was tossing the shoe to the boy for him to keep as a momento of the game.
There was a fee to play sports, but the gear - shoes and cleats can cost as much as $150 to $200.
For best performance, put a set of cleats on every fifth shoe.
The chain now has a lateral curvature, so that the properly oriented caps slide simply and naturally along the vertically positioned cleats (patent pending).
Within limits, bigger is better when it comes to cleats on a dock.
I won't slip and fall when I run, because I'm wearing cleats.
Diadora has introduced Rotax, a bladed outsole where the cleats are shaped, and located, in a way where they reduce the stress on the knee when turning.
Shoe-in for Markey: Training camp was 12 days old before Bruins tailback Chris Markey received his special-order adidas cleats, but he said his performance should improve because of them.
The bike's cleats allow you to clip your shoes directly onto the pedals.