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A fixed anchorage, usually metal, embedded in the acrylic resin base of an orthodontic retainer or soldered to an arch wire. An elastic device is attached during tooth movement.

cleat (klēt),

n a fixed point of anchorage, usually in the form of a metal spur or loop embedded in the acrylic resin base of a Hawley retainer or soldered onto an arch wire, to which a rubber dam elastic or other device is attached during orthodontic tooth movement.

cleat, cleave

claw of any cloven-footed animal.
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The Nike women's cleated shoe has improved its position among the nation's best-selling shoes for three consecutive weeks.
Our panel included: Raphael Peck, VP, Product Creation & Merchandising, Under Armour; Josh Rattet, Director of Cleated Performance Footwear, Reebok; Mark Clinard, Business Unit Director for US Sports (Football, Baseball, LAX, Motorsports), adidas; and Mark Wachter, Director of Footwear Development, Diadora America.
High-quality, value-priced conveyors in a range of sizes and styles include flat, cleated and adjustable-angle belt.
Launched in 2008, Cleatskins are a revolutionary accessory designed to slip over cleated shoes and quickly and conveniently take athletes from the field to the street.
Standard cleated and sidewall-cleated belt models adjust from 25-60[degrees] inclines.
Belt conveyors come in low-profile, adjustable-angle, gravity-roller, heavy-duty, vacuum-gripper, cleated, and sidewall versions.
Two Adidas shoes, the Grid Iron Onslaught men's football cleat and the Terrestra youth cleated soccer shoe rank fifth and sixth, respectively, this week.
Move loose-flowing granular materials or transport scrap to a size-reduction unit with the new inclined and cleated, side-wall belt conveyor from Bilt-Rite Conveyors Inc.
Coming in at number seven is the Adidas Terrestra youth cleated soccer shoe, which leapt 10 spots from last week, helped by a sales increase of almost 4,000 units.
The youth cleated football shoe leapt eight spots from last week, supported by a sales increase of 9,000 units.