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An agent, used in histologic preparations, miscible in both dehydrating or fixing fluids and the embedding substance.
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Nothing can be clearer, Socrates, said Polemarchus.
But it somehow runs in my mind once more that it is clearer under the land.
The sea to the south is thick," he cried; and then, after a while, "it does seem clearer in by the land.
The new rules are intended to make it clearer what qualifies as a "package holiday" that offers protection to the customer.
Global Banking News-October 19, 2015--UK competition body wants clearer bank charges
Antalya (Turkey): US Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday said NATO member states wanted to see a clearer defence agreement with Gulf Arab states to fight terror, ahead of summit with Gulf leaders to be hosted by President Barack Obama.
WITH every passing day, the momentous choice in this election becomes clearer for the voters.
The head of the tender review board Efi Papadopoulou told MPs that conditions had to become clearer to avoid cancellations.
German drivers gave clearer signals and lorry drivers were less aggressive because they were in their allocated driving lanes.
The Most Rev Justin Welby said it was something he dealt with daily and it was becoming clearer that "for many, many years things were not dealt with as they should have been dealt with".
IN A radical move which is seen as the most significant change in 22 years for Boots Opticians, the company is guaranteeing UV lenses as standard with every pair of glasses sold and has launched a clearer pricing structure with eye health branding (pictured).
Chapters advocate developing a clearer view of how to become clearer on what we want to feel from life first, before setting goals.