clearance time

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clear·ance time

(klēr'ăns tīm)
Temporal duration from ingestion until food is cleared from the oral cavity; influenced by consistency and quantity of saliva; by action of tongue, lips, and cheeks; and by consistency of food.


the act of clearing; it is a primary pharmacokinetic parameter which describes irreversible removal of a drug from the body by all processes and is made up of renal clearance and metabolic clearance.

blood-urea clearance
the volume of the blood cleared of urea per minute by renal elimination.
Bromsulphalein clearance
see sulfobromophthalein clearance test.
creatinine clearance
inulin clearance
see inulin clearance.
clearance time
the time required for a drug to be eliminated after administration. Eliminated means to the point where it can no longer be detected. Of most importance in avoiding drug residues in food animals and charges of doping in sports animals.
urea clearance
blood-urea clearance.
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000 reinfection * For 7 patients who died, parasite clearance time could not be calculated because of incomplete parasite clearance prior to death.
One area of TIM that is essential to continuing to improve the practice is the collection, reporting, and assessment of performance data related to secondary crashes and clearance times.
From the above discussion, it is evident that both normal saline and hypertonic saline improve the mucociliary clearance time but hypertonic saline gives better results.
Despite this stringent certification process, medical manufacturers must still individually submit a request to the FDA for a third-party inspection and wait for a response, which accounts for half of the average clearance time of using a third party.
So the aim in this study was to elucidate the broader role of alpha blocker not only in rate of stone clearance but its effect on clearance time, pain, steinstrasse and auxiliary procedure required, after ESWL for renal calculi.
Mean parasite clearance time with chloroquine monotherapy was 30.
Time activity curves were generated for the background corrected data and half clearance times were determined for each limb.
Since these same teenagers sleep until noon on weekends, we extend their time on weekends to 10 or 12 hours to get in some extra clearance time.
In three hospitals with the service capacity of 15 operations a week, the following numbers of patients on the list--0-14, 15-29, 30-59, and over 60--correspond to clearance time of a week, half a month, a month, over 1 month.
In the meantime the banks make money while your cheque is in the system although the clearance time is being reduced following intervention from consumer bodies.