clearance time

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clear·ance time

(klēr'ăns tīm)
Temporal duration from ingestion until food is cleared from the oral cavity; influenced by consistency and quantity of saliva; by action of tongue, lips, and cheeks; and by consistency of food.

clearance time,

n the time taken for a cariogenic exposure to pass from the oral cavity; depends largely upon type of food ingested, efficiency of the lips, teeth, and tongue, and the amount of saliva present in an individual's oral cavity.


the act of clearing; it is a primary pharmacokinetic parameter which describes irreversible removal of a drug from the body by all processes and is made up of renal clearance and metabolic clearance.

blood-urea clearance
the volume of the blood cleared of urea per minute by renal elimination.
Bromsulphalein clearance
see sulfobromophthalein clearance test.
creatinine clearance
inulin clearance
see inulin clearance.
clearance time
the time required for a drug to be eliminated after administration. Eliminated means to the point where it can no longer be detected. Of most importance in avoiding drug residues in food animals and charges of doping in sports animals.
urea clearance
blood-urea clearance.
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The recommended clearance times are only based on a small number of horses because it is
000 reinfection * For 7 patients who died, parasite clearance time could not be calculated because of incomplete parasite clearance prior to death.
One area of TIM that is essential to continuing to improve the practice is the collection, reporting, and assessment of performance data related to secondary crashes and clearance times.
When the list at registration had clearance time exceeding 1 month (category 4), waiting times were such that 10 percent of the patients underwent surgery within 3 weeks, 25 percent within 7 weeks, 50 percent within 16 weeks, and 75 percent within 33 weeks, whereas 50 percent of patients registered on lists with clearance time less than 1 week (category 1) underwent surgery within 4 weeks, and 75 percent did so within 9 weeks (Figure 3).
6% think it helped them shorten clearance time and 72.
Many mine-afflicted areas are also infested with metal fragments from other ordnance, increasing clearance time greatly as every metal object must be treated as a mine until proven otherwise.
By adopting a futuristic Check Truncation System, banks can reduce their check clearance time, comply with statutory requirements, minimize frauds, streamline their Payment and Settlement function and embrace the journey towards a Unified Payments Hub.
Uruguay passed a law aimed at speeding up the resolution of commercial disputes and implemented a risk-based inspection system that reduced customs clearance time
The customs regulator said the projects and initiatives materialised include the study of the customs clearance time project, development of the mechanism of collecting and distributing the customs proceeds among the GCC countries in the framework of the GCC Customs Union, the customs-related competitiveness indices, the green customs program, pre-screening for shipments, and the evaluation of customs practices in unifying the inspection and surveillance procedures.
Considered to be a major milestone in the history of Indian banking, CTS aims to make cheque clearance more efficient and reduce the clearance time of cheques to one day, thereby trimming down the floating time considerably.
The automation of customs administration and introduction of a one-stop shop (1) for clearance procedures at Douala port in Cameroon led to a reduction of average customs clearance time from almost 15 days in 2000 to just over three days in 2009, according to a 2011 World Bank working paper.