cleansing cream

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cleans·ing cream

a form of cold cream used to remove grime and cosmetics from the skin.
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ANY hair type can use co-wash, but Sacha Mitic, co-founder of Sachajuan hair care, says: "the Sachajuan Hair Cleansing Cream has more advantages the more damaged the hair is.
com THE CLEANSER CLARINS EXTRA COMFORT ANTI-POLLUTION CLEANSING CREAM PS25 This extra comforting skin care from Clarins has anti-pollution benefits.
Sachajuan Cleansing Cream, PS28, is applied to wet hair like conditioner - it doesn't lather - then rinsed.
Right: almond nutrifying skin food, Iraya, ` 495; left: facial cleansing cream, Ananda @ The Kirana Shop, ` 900
Product testing has shown that Tena Cleansing Cream, which provides specialized preventative skin care for elderly residents, is over five times more moisturizing than a leading no-rinse cleanser and seven times more moisturizing than soap and water.
The brand's new Sulfate-Free Cleansing Cream Shampoo and Hydrating Cream Conditioner are already on trend to be top-five items for the brand.
The product is billed as a unique, all-in-one cleansing cream that replaces shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner and detangler.
A cleansing cream and scrub follows that exfoliates the skin on your face and shoulders.
uk Back in the 1920s, Kleenex tissues were used to remove cleansing cream or makeup by women looking for a more hygienic and softer alternative to rough towels or wash cloths.
Zomer also recommends a creamy cleanser, such as Orlane B21 Oligo Vitalizing Cleanser or Naturopathica's Sweet Lupine Cleansing Cream, because they are especially effective at dissolving makeup without stripping the skin.