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Medical liability adjective Referring to a physician without any lawsuits, past or pending
Pathology adjective Pertaining or referring to an organ or tissue lacking pathologic findings—e.g., ‘clean’ coronary arteries and aorta are typically seen at autopsy in persons dying with terminal cancer or alcoholism
Sports medicine—body-building noun The lifting of a weighted barbell from the floor to shoulder in one motion
Substance abuse adjective Drug-free when examined and urine tested
Vox populi adjective Free of dirt or pollution


adjective Free of dirt or pollution Medical liability Referring to a malpractice 'virgin,' ie a physician without any lawsuits, past or present Substance abuse Drug-free when examined

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Q. How can I "allergy proof" the house? My nephew will be coming to stay with me for a couple of months and he is highly allergic. How can I allergy proof the house so he'll be protected?

A. Excellent tips :)
In the meantime everything is fine.

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Akshay would help promote the cleanliness campaign in the city through public service announcements in the form of videos, radio jingles and so on.
Swachh Survekshan 2018 - the largest cleanliness survey in the world, will be conducted from the January 4 to March 10 to evaluate achievements in the cleanliness of urban areas.
Various activities were organised by Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti to spread awareness for cleanliness Door to Door campaign was organised in Sewapuri village of Varanasi, Campaign of cleanliness was organised for the residents of Dhaka village, Delhi in cooperation with Harijan Sevak Sangh, Swachhta Mashaal was taken out which was taken in different parts of the city, Shramdaan for cleanliness was done by the staff of Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti.
Singapore's cleanliness has long been the envy of many Filipinos, but it did not happen overnight.
They also raised question if the cleanliness and spray drives were sole responsibility of the village's nazims then what the elected tehsil and district council's members will do.
Cllr David Smith, cabinet member for environment, said: Street cleanliness is everyone''s responsibility and we must all work together to tackle the issues.
The municipality recently launched a campaign to educate the public and cab drivers on public cleanliness and cautioned them against breaching the cleanliness rules.
For example, religious cleanliness, scatology, and the classical underpinnings of Renaissance perceptions of cleanliness are not explored in depth.
Both received an overall "acceptable level" of cleanliness but inspectors have said that more can be done to stop the threat and potential spread of infections.
What has changed that limits the effectiveness of this type of cleanliness testing?
So when McCarthy, 44, known to fans as the towering referee in cable TV's Ultimate Fighting Championship, opened his gym in Valencia, cleanliness was a priority.