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Medical liability adjective Referring to a physician without any lawsuits, past or pending
Pathology adjective Pertaining or referring to an organ or tissue lacking pathologic findings—e.g., ‘clean’ coronary arteries and aorta are typically seen at autopsy in persons dying with terminal cancer or alcoholism
Sports medicine—body-building noun The lifting of a weighted barbell from the floor to shoulder in one motion
Substance abuse adjective Drug-free when examined and urine tested
Vox populi adjective Free of dirt or pollution


adjective Free of dirt or pollution Medical liability Referring to a malpractice 'virgin,' ie a physician without any lawsuits, past or present Substance abuse Drug-free when examined

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Q. How can I "allergy proof" the house? My nephew will be coming to stay with me for a couple of months and he is highly allergic. How can I allergy proof the house so he'll be protected?

A. Excellent tips :)
In the meantime everything is fine.

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The Clean House is at the New Theatre, Cardiff, from April 15 to 19.
In addition to the new mattresses that the AIPI fraternity will receive during their redesign, Dormia's donations to Clean House will also benefit the Bos family, who lost their husband and father three years ago.
According to SDA's new research, our favorite characteristics of a clean house include:
Eagle Chairman Meyer Berman stated, "We have had to spend a great deal of energy and money to support Eagle's Salinas Project and clean house with respect to all of the haphazard promises made by the former management.
True reform cannot be done unless you start all over again, with a clean house.
The last time I took it, I had a very clean house and I wrote the song Star Wars on my new album.
Said Phillips: "Equifax needs to clean house, give back the illicit profits, pay any fines, apologize, and get this behind them.
An ambitious woman was defined by her ability to keep a clean house and cook at the same time.
They sent me to California to clean house,'' he said.
Ethics has already become the top issue in the 2005 mayoral race, with opponents blasting Hahn's record and Hahn promising to clean house.