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A popular term for the ‘duties’ imposed by the Canadian government on a physician’s annual fees that are in excess of a certain amount of money
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Clawbacks or their equivalents exist voluntarily in many settings, such as hedge funds and private equity (whose customary 20 percent incentive compensation, or "carry," is subject to "highwater marks" for leading losses and clawbacks for subsequent losses) as well in the mortgage origination business (where mortgage purchasers retain the right to put back the mortgage to the originator in the case of early default or the discovery of fraud).
We're just now getting into that period where we're starting to see some clawbacks," said Arkansas Economic Development Commission spokesman Joe Holmes.
Through these cases the SEC has taken the position that--despite a host of constitutional and other legal challenges--personal misconduct by CEOs and CFOs is not a condition necessary to warrant a Section 304 clawback because the CEO or CFO was "driving the bus" while the misconduct occurred.
Investors at JPMorgan Chase to Vote on Same Clawback Proposal May 19th
Unlike the pay-for-performance proposal, which would not touch emerging or foreign companies, the clawback rule would apply to them as well.
firms, 81% gave boards discretion to forego clawbacks of excess pay.
The use of clawbacks was among the elements adopted, though there was no consensus on imposing actual limits on pay.
And as clawbacks drained family budgets, people gave up work because they could not afford childcare.
Approximately 700 doctors, or three per cent of the total, were affected by the multi-tiered clawbacks, including 398 family physicians and 328 specialists.
Furious ex-miner Samuel Gill last night said the clawbacks rubbed salt into the wounds for the thousands of pitmen still waiting for their money.
actions that trigger clawbacks, employees covered by anti-hedging and clawback policies, etc.
Global Banking News-September 28, 2015--China's senior banking staff face clawbacks