Relating to the clava.
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These valves are subject to failure on a 3-5 year basis as compared to an expected life of 10-20 years for the ClaVal regulator valves utilized in the TMWA system.
5 times as long as the maximum width, widest at level of nodal line, anterior margin slightly arched, posterior margin straight, rounded apically; corium smooth, without granulation, costal cell broader, with sparse oblique transverse veinlets, Sc+R veins forked basad of middle of forewing, and Cu veins bifurcated in basal quarter, M veins simply reaching to nodal line, claval veins uniting in middle of clavus, nodal line and subapical line distinct, forming 7-9 subapical cells and 11-15 apical cells.
Hemelytra with embolar and claval sutures absent (Fig.
Stem Cu apposed to AA1 + 2 (both veins only separated by freely terminating claval furrow); AA3 + 4 only basally and terminally distinct, AP absent.
The three editors are affiliated as follows: Zoran Roca (Universidade Lusofona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Portugal; Paul Claval (U.
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Le fil conducteur de l'analyse est la comprehension des cycles ecologiques (voir Claval, 1984: 155).
Seutellum: raised, slightly longer than wide, or wider than long or subequal, nearly equal to the length of claval commissure; disk with evident longitudinal median carina, and recumbent setigerous tubercles.